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World Tarot Card Meaning

The World is one of the 3 most positive cards of the major arcana (with the Star and the Sun). The World is the card of balance and accomplishment.


In a perfect balance of the 4 natural elements: Water, Air, Fire and Earth, the World announces achievements and well being.

It is a card of positive and clear communication.

The World is always favourable to the sitter’s question and guarantees a happy outcome.


Stable and steady, the World speaks of long term happiness and of the things that are here to stay. Success at work, a marriage that lasts, a rewarding career.


If the World is ruling over your spread, you have nothing to fear. It is the only card with the 4 of Wands that is never truly negative, even reversed.

Associated star signs: Taurus, Cancer
Element: Earth
Season & Time: Spring – May – Monday / Friday 
Prediction speed: mid-term

Tarot Card Meanings: The World

The Advice of The World: have no hesitation or doubt, you are on the right path. You will achieve your goals. Enjoy what you have.

World Tarot Card Meanings: The World reversed

The Warning of The World: don’t give up. Difficulties are only temporary and any obstacles will be overcome.



The World speaks of happiness, goals achieved and balance. A dream will come true. Success in all fields, sincere love and friendships. You are on track in regards to your personal journey and even if you can’t always see it, everything makes and will make sense. Trust in your own journey.

Keywords: happiness, balance, love, birth, success, dream come true, talent, beauty



If reversed, the World warns you that not all is well…yet. There are still fine tunings and details that need to be taken care of. A delay, a small obstacle is still to be overcome. At worst, the reversed World speaks of arrogance or too much self esteem. Even reversed, the World is never all bad.

Keywords: delays, fear of changes, difficulties that can be overcome, imperfection

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Positive meaning: dreams are coming true. If you’re in a relationship, expect more commitment, a wedding or a happy pregnancy. If you’re single, you will meet someone who will make you happy.

Negative meaning: : misunderstanding, temporary break up.


Positive meaning: the world is your oyster. And your bank account. Money is not an issue and stable incomes are guaranteed. New deals are being favoured.

Negative meaning:  a deal that will fall through. A job that doesn’t pay enough.


Positive meaning: success and comfortable incomes. A great opportunity is being offered to you. Talent for the arts. Exams passed and goals achieved.

Negative meaning: Failure at work, a poor social condition. But you can still make it right.


Positive meaning:  the sitter, especially if a woman or Taurus. A simple and honest person you can trust. Someone sincere who has a certain power. The person who makes you happy.

Negative meaning: a powerful person somehow hostile to the sitter. You need to clear the air with someone important.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


You are making an important choice. Your decision will be the right one. Expect important benefits. In a love related spread: you will find your soul mate. A perfect harmony.


Great news are on the way, sometimes long awaited.  You will be rewarded for your good actions or hard work. Recognition of your efforts and even sometimes fame for artists or public personalities.


There is no better association in Tarot than the World and the Sun. Your love life is at its best, your are being respected, loved and trusted. Happiness is here to stay and good news coming from all directions.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


Tarot Cards Meaning Wands
Extraordinary accomplishments at work. Fame, fortune, rewards. With the Ace of Wands: a powerful position. With the 9 of Wands: celebrity, honours.


Tarot Cards Meaning Cups
Happy marriage, happy family and good health. Solid friendships and solidarity. With the Six of Cups: an old flame will be revived. Love and health related questions receive a favourable answer.


Tarot Cards Meaning Coins
This association speaks of income, gains and fortune. With the 10 of Coins: good investments, fortune. With the Knight of Coins: good news, new incomes.


Tarot Cards Meaning SwordsA fight comes to an end. You win. If reversed, with the Ace of Swords: tensions that need to be taken care of. A fight that can be avoided. With the King of Swords: don’t make enemies that are stronger than you.

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