What is Tarot?

Tarot is a tool to think and make decisions. It can be used both for predictions and guidance.

But it does not deny free will.

This is why a Tarot session is mostly made of advices and warnings. But if you’re here, just like me, you probably believe in fate. To a certain extend at least.

Tarot is a tool to help you understand and achieve your own destiny.

It is very complex. But it’s extremely useful and enlightening.

Any question, problem, uncertainty can be helped or solved with Tarot.

In the Middle-Ages and during the Renaissance, Tarot was both used as a tool for study, philosophy and fortune telling.

In this blog, I will try to help you discover the bright side of Tarot. It’s not about witchcraft, evil or anything gothic. Far from that. The entire purpose of Tarot is to shed light where it’s most needed.


What is Tarot?




When I read the cards for a sitter, whether this person comes to me for the first time or not, I focus entirely on them and ask them to do the same. It’s a real “me-time”.

Getting a reading is a moment you take to shed new light on your life. You take a good look at who you are and where you stand.

Tarot can help you understand the people who surround you, their energies, their intentions.

It helps you see clearer in your work, love and family situation to make the best decisions.

A Tarot reading must always be tailored for your needs and situation.

Some people come for a reading as they would for a check up and see where they stand and where they’re headed. It’s very useful and pleasant to have such readings 3 or 4 times a year (I personally recommend one per season).

Others come with specific questions or worries on their minds and that’s where the cards will need to focus. Tarot is like a wise friend who will take the time to help you feel better and see things clearer.


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