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temperance tarot card meaningThe angel of Temperance pours a regenerating fluid from one cup to another. The 14th card of the deck speaks of slowness, patience, balance and healing.

Temperance carries a message of harmony and peace and mostly gives favourable answers.


The main quality of the card is moderation. Its message is most often one of patience and acceptation.

While Temperance is not a card of glorious success and impressive achievements, it is nevertheless one of the most positive cards of the deck and announces good fortune.


Good news, a stable situation, harmony found and nurtured, these are only some of the messages of the card.

Temperance brings protection, healing and general improvements to your situation.

Associated star signs: Aquarius & Virgo
Element: All (some prefer to associate it with Fire)
Season & Time: Winter – February – Saturday
Prediction speed: mid-term with long lasting effects

The Advice of Temperance: be moderate, be humble. Passion, anger or force will not bring anything.

The Warning of Temperance: evaluate your resources and don’t aim for things that are out of reach. Respect your own limits. You’re running out of time.

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Temperance is all about fairness, balance and harmony. The card may speak of a happy relationship, a fulfilling job or project, a stable financial situation. It also helps balance the effect of other cards in your spread, especially the most sudden and painful ones. Expect small and positive changes. Temperance is very beneficial for all things related to health and psychology, announcing healing and long term improvements. It is the card of true friendship.

Keywords: harmony, friendship, trust, faith, balance, moderation, modesty, evolution, progress, peace, healing



In a negative position or reversed, Temperance speaks of excess, irregularities and impatience. Someone close to you is acting strangely. Communication is broken. Expect obstacles, bad luck and misunderstandings.

Keywords: coldness, frustration, bad luck in love, instability, stinginess, duplicity, disorder


Positive meanings: a long lasting and solid relationship. If you are in love, expect harmony, understanding and loyalty. If you are single, you will meet your soulmate in due time.

Negative meanings: a lack of harmony and poor communication is hurting the foundations of your relationship. A serious risk of breaking up.


Positive meanings: your finances are very well managed and will remain stable over time. Nothing new to be expected but intelligent choices and moderation ensures a safe situation.

Negative meanings: unexpected cancellation of a deal. A payment long overdue.


Positive meanings: a project comes to an end in the most satisfying way. If you are starting something new, you are being protected. You may feel a little bit like routine has taken over but your situation is very good and will lead to more satisfaction. Continue on your path.

Negative meanings: a project is blocked, a new start fails. Your work life may be compromising your inner balance.


Upright: Temperance usually speaks of someone loved and kept in high esteem by the sitter. Someone peaceful, sociable but also full of creativity and a little unpredictable.

Reversed: an emotionally unbalanced person. A friend who is being dishonest.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


A long time waiting will be rewarded. If the Emperor or Empress is nearby, the man or the woman you love will come back to you. If you are currently making a decision, take your time. Be very thorough and gather information before you make up your mind.


Slowly but surely you are getting closer to your goal. You will be successful but don’t expect an overnight triumph. This is a long term prediction. Whether you are asking the cards about work, love or family, your answer is most favorable. But don’t expect a sudden improvement. Once again, patience is your friend.


When 2 of the best cards in the deck come together, you can call yourself lucky. You will reach your goals but only through diplomacy. Be modest, be careful and do not rush anyone into anything. By doing so, you’ll ensure yourself complete success.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


Tarot Cards Meaning Wands
A good relationship with your colleagues favours a stable and positive evolution at work. Hard and honest work will go a long way. Don’t expect sudden changes but enjoy the harmony. Don’t postpone a decision.


Tarot Cards Meaning Cups
Usually a good association, Temperance and Cups speak of harmony in love and family life. Reunions and reconciliations are definitely in the cards. Feelings are sincere and will last over time. With the 4 of Cups: a harmless time of stagnation in your relationship.


Tarot Cards Meaning Coins
Financial serenity. It’s better to not take any risk now and enjoy what you have built. If you are thinking of new investments, stay on the safe side of the road. With the 5 of Coins: it is necessary to increase your savings and be careful now.


Tarot Cards Meaning Swords
This association usually conveys one main message: don’t give up the fight. Temperance tends to lessen the hurtful meanings of the Swords. Things are not necessarily as bad as they seem. With the 9 of Swords: you will receive good advice in a difficult time.

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