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Hi, I’m Louise.  For the past 12 years I have been reading Tarot and learning to know and respect the cards. I owe her my passion for this art to my mother and a lot of my knowledge too.

I mostly work with the original Marseille Tarot, the Old English deck and the Rider Waite Smith. I’m also regularly falling in love with several other decks and can call myself a Tarot deck collector.

I like to share about these decks in my reviews and by offering free turorials.


My goal is to share my love for the cards with fellow readers of any level. I try to keep all posts clear and to the point and make Tarot accessible for all.



Tarot Parlor




  • my favorite deck currently is the Victorian Fairy Tarot
  • the card I prefer is the Star followed by the Moon
  • I am currently working on my very own Tarot deck (yes, it’ll take years!)




The reason why I read Tarot because I saw it work. I saw it work for me before I even believed in it. I witnessed many people finding tremendous help in the cards. My mother has always been helping those around her with her old Marseille Tarot deck. Giving advices, warnings, predictions. Never judging.

Every person who ever left her parlor left with a special feeling of relief. Because they saw things clearer and felt more hopeful than ever. That’s what I love most about my sessions too.

People often come to me with lots of questions. Uncertainty and doubts on their mind. After the reading, they simply feel better. They know what to do next. They have new information and a new light has been shed on their concerns. That’s a fantastic reward for me as a reader.

My motto is simple: See clearer, feel better. And that’s what I’m working on right here at the Tarot Parlor.


I offer different online Tarot readings via email. For me, Tarot is much more than a fortune telling tool. It’s made to inspire, guide, warn and reveal the things hidden deep down below the surface. It sheds light where it’s most needed and is therefore also a fantastic coaching tool.



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