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Empowering Tarot Life Coaching

HOW ARE YOU? Is a very serious question.

How you are doing, what you are doing are the most important questions to ask on a regular basis. Because they define where you are going.

What’s even more important is to come up with clear answers. These answers lead to breakthroughs and the ability to implement strategies to improve your life in a deep and long lasting manner.



Whether you’re trying to find your path, launch a new business or plan your dream wedding, coaching will help you do it right and feel good all through the process.

Coaching is a truly life changing experience. Everyone needs a coach! No matter your lifestyle and goals, coaching helps you address any existing issues, make plans and implement effective strategies, feel better and check in with yourself on a regular basis in a positive, constructive safe space.

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My type of coaching is a little different than most life coaches. Because I started my career as a Tarot Reader (still am!), spirituality in a broader sense is a key aspect of my practice.

No matter your religion, beliefs or where your are on your spiritual path, Tarot is a tool that help power coaching sessions that go even deeper than what you’d expect.

My coaching style brings together the classic life coaching you may be familiar and Tarot guidance.

Sessions include in depth exchange, coaching exercises and homework that lead to serious breakthroughs as well as moments of spiritual check ins with the cards when the time is right. Depending on the client, we may use oracle or classic tarot, every client is unique and so is every session.


Tarot Life Coaching is a wonderful investment that anyone can make. Like classic coaching or therapy these sessions are made to help you level up in all aspects of your life, heal from past trauma, deal with loss, anxiety and set new goals for the present and future.


Tarot Life Coaching helps you with:

  • anxiety and stress
  • dealing with loss and trauma
  • building self-confidence
  • finding your purpose
  • support during important life changes 
  • starting a new career
  • improving relationships
  • temper and anger management
  • personal growth

My coaching sessions are built in a way that serves you as a unique individual. After your session is booked, I will send you a list of questions to help assess the areas of your life that need to be looked into. This allows us to jump right into it and get you the most of the time we have together.


A session usually lasts 45 minutes. These are very intense and we will go very deep. Make sure to have time, get yourself a warm cup of tea or coffee and get comfortable.

Overview of your coaching session


How do you feel right now and what questions are on your mind
We will dive deep into the causes of your issues to unroot the negative and limiting beliefs that are blocking you
Tarot cards can be used as a support to dive into the origins of the problems and offer solutions (this is not a regular Tarot Reading session)
We’ll make a clear plan together on the next steps you need to take to feel better and take back control of your life


Real talk only, no BS. High vibes only!

Your coaching session is pure self-care time. Make it a special moment for yourself.

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