Discover the wonderful classic Halloween Tarot. A colourful deck that is not only bursting with life and highly entertaining but also inspiring and very effective. Click here for the full post.

To make the most of the deck, I have created 4 spreads that work like a charm. The pumpkin spread, the Ghost spread, the Bat and Black Cat spread. These are tailor made to help you grow, reveal key secrets and let you spread your wings. 

-> of course, if you don’t own the Halloween Tarot deck, just use your favourite cards, the spreads will work great as well.

Tarot for Halloween: the Pumpkin – a Tarot spread to grow

Tarot for Halloween: the Ghost – shedding light on the invisible

Tarot for Halloween: the Bat. To help you spread your wings.

Tarot for Halloween: the Black Cat. Facing and letting go of fear.