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Sun Tarot Card MeaningThe Sun is one of the strongest and most positive cards in Tarot. In a difficult spread, it brings solutions and active help.

In a neutral and positive spread, it brings complete joy, happiness and love.


The Sun is a card that mostly speaks of happy relationships as well as personal achievements and rewards.

The main difference with the World, is that the card of the Sun also speaks of actions to take, of changes and fast renewals.


If only one word should describe the Sun in Tarot, it would be joy.


In the Marseille tradition the Sun is also the card of the ideal couple and harmony.

Associated star signs: Gemini, Leo
Element: Fire
Season & Time: Summer – Summer Solstice – Wednesday / Sunday 
Prediction speed: mid- & long-term 

The Advice of The Sun: enjoy the moment.  Be grateful for the joy and happiness in your life. Don’t worry, everything will be good.

The Warning of The Sun: be aware of your luck and don’t take it for granted. Stay on track.

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The Sun always gives a favourable answer to any question. In matters of love, you can be certain that your partner is being true. Marriage is in the air. At work, you shine like a star. You see things clearly and make the right choices.

Keywords: clarity, vision, happiness, joy, success, love, optimism, solutions, energy, intelligence



When reversed, the Sun stops shining. Wrong choices, lack of vision, deceptions are to be expected. Joy turns to sadness and high hopes into disappointments. Difficulties are real, but all is not lost. The Sun never completely loses its hopeful and positive message. There is always a way out and you have to work for it.

Keywords: heartache, delay, artistic failure, bad communication, missed oppotunities


Positive meaning: love and happiness. You and your partner are promised to a joyful future. If you’re single, expect to meet someone important on your love path. Enjoy the casual flirting and lightness in the air.

Negative meaning: a love that is not shared. Problems in communication.


Positive meaning: a fortune well deserved. Great incomes. Good surprises and opportunities.

Negative meaning: wasting money and resources. An opportunity is being missed.


Positive meaning: Success, fame and rewards. There’s no better card for your career. This is a wonderful card to have for an artist: talent meets success and recognition. You may have to travel for work.

Negative meaning: your success is being delayed. An  obstacle is still to be overcome before you reach your goals.


Positive meaning: someone generous, optimistic and energetic. Young people. A writer, journalist or publisher.

Negative meaning: an abusive boss or partner. A mediocre writer or artist.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


You may find yourself in a time of struggle and doubts but rest assured that you will come out of this victorious. Good news are coming for you. A total success can be expected. Keep putting all your energy in your work and you will achieve your goals.


Fasten your seat belt. A very important change is about to happen, it is imminent. Rest assured that this complete and unexpected change will be beneficial. These cards announce a new start, if Death precedes the Sun, travel may even be involved.


Balance and success. This is a very good sign. Your life, in all of its aspects, will evolve slowly but surely towards complete happiness. Joy to share with others, true emotional stability. Your success is total.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


Tarot Cards Meaning Wands
Success, raise, promotion. Your career is peaking. Enjoy your success, you deserve it. With the Ace of Wands: a victory at work. A great contract is signed. A decision is made in your favour.


Tarot Cards Meaning Cups
Luck in love. You have found or will find a partner with whom to share your life. Travel, passion and fun. With the Ace of Cups: no cloud in your sky. With the 3 of Cups: a new love in your life.


Tarot Cards Meaning Coins
You are lucky and your finances have never been so well.  Honest and rewarding negotiations. Deals and investments that will be very fruitful. With the 3 of Coins: you reach your goal.


Swords and the Sun speak of courage and victory. A great association for sports and competition. With the 8 of Swords: a precious piece of advice. With the King of Swords: a very important man in your life.

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