Strength Tarot Card MeaningStrength, originally Card XI, is the card of inner peace, ressources and quiet victory. Knowledge and intelligence win over brutality and passion.


Strength is about battles won without any blood shed. It is also the card of righteous self confidence.

Knowledge brings peace of mind. Understanding the lion is taming the lion.


This card usually tells us that the sitter will find the resources to get what they want. It is also the card of vitality and good physical energy.

Time for action and pragmatism.

Associated star signs: Leo, Aries
Element: Fire
Season & Time: Summer – August – Sunday
Prediction speed: fast (with lasting effects)

Strength Tarot Card Meaning

The Advice of Strength: let knowledge and patience be your weapons. Act alone and trust only yourself.

Strength Tarot Card Meaning

 The Warning of Strength: if you are not feeling up for a challenge, postpone it.  Dominate your instincts, don’t let them dominate you.

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Strength is the card of legitimate success. Your hard work and your knowledge help you achieve your goals: enjoy it guilt-free. Self-control proves to be your best ally even in difficult situations. Believe in yourself and you will overcome anything. Great physical energy.

Keywords: skills, intelligence, credibility, legitimacy, resistance, courage, heroism, self-control, intense activity, obstacle overcome, victory.



When reversed, Strength speaks of difficult times ahead. You will need all your courage to overcome this difficult moment. You may be feeling weak and need a period of rest. It is not a good moment to take chances or be bold.

Keywords: accidents, unemployment, defeat, cruelty, arrogance, destruction, weakness


Positive meaning: a very strong love. Passion and physical attraction but also strong feelings are involved. Your partner is dedicated to you and faithful. If you are single, enjoy fun casual flirts.

Negative meaning: an unhealthy relationship, possible abuse. A relationship where feelings have been drained.


Positive meaning: if you are negotiating a contract, continue, you will get what you want. Make a decision quickly if you are considering an opportunity.

Negative meaning: a conflict within your company, bad investments, arguments.


Positive meaning: A new work environment or partnership can be expected. Team work is favoured. You must put all your energy in a project.

Negative meaning: you may lose your current position or benefits you had previously obtained. Sacrifices and efforts that lead to disappointing results.


Positive meaning: Someone with great energy and always active. Usually between 20 and 40. Someone famous or influential.

Negative meaning: Someone with a very bad temper. An enemy you should not underestimate.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


You may receive a new professional offer. If a different company or partner approaches you, consider their offer. Working alone is not an option, you need an ally or a partner. Reversed: You may be in conflict with someone who is stronger than you.


Intelligence and a unique perception of the world makes you unbeatable. Your peace of mind and legitimacy gives you the strength and power to overcome any obstacle. If the Hanged Man is reversed: an inner conflict is draining all your energy.


An admirer might be just about to declare their flame to you. If you are in a relationship, you can be sure that your partner is true and reliable. A long lasting love with solid foundations. Reversed/Negative Spread: cheating, abuse.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


This association often refers to a very concrete decision being made. Intense professional activity is also to be expected. With the Ace of Wands: be bold in business, you’ll be rewarded.


Strength and Cups don’t always mix well. There could be a warning here about being carefree and overlooking the consequences of your actions. With the 5 of Cups a gift can be expected. With the 3 of Cups, you’re making the best use of your vital energy.


This is usually a good association speaking of evolution in financial matters, if everything is upright, then for the best. Your situation will improve profoundly. With the Page of Coins: a new financial opportunity you must seize.


This is a very powerful association. Difficulties that seemed unsurmountable are overcome. Now is the time to act and hold nothing back.  With the King of Sword: unpleasant news. With the 2 of Swords: loyal friends will offer their help.

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