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Tarot Card Meanings the StarThe Star is one of the most favourable and positive cards in the entire deck. Destiny, luck, protection and good fortune. This is the card you want to see.


The Star is the card of cosmic protection. When asking a “simple” question to the Tarot, the Star always gives a favourable answer.

Destiny is working for you. Your dreams will come true.

The Star is also a card of long distance and travel. It conveys a message of peace, justice and harmony.

In a difficult reading, the Star helps temper and ease the message of your cards. If the Star is in you spread, then hope is too.

Associated star signs: Aquarius, Virgo
Element: Air
Season & Time: Beginning of the Autumn – End of Winter
Prediction speed: slow speed / long term

The Advice of The Star: believe in your dreams and intuitions. You are on the right path. Be generous, you will be rewarded.

The Warning of The Star: it might be wise to wait for a more favourable moment to start something new. Be patient. Don’t lose sight of your goal.



Whatever the question, the Star guarantees you a favourable outcome. Trust that you are protected. In matters of love, expect romance, sincerity and stability. Be optimistic and grateful for a time of cosmic protection. The end of a difficult period in your life, the beginning of a better cycle. The Star carries you out of the darkness.

Keywords: hope, good fortune, travel, renewal, success, friendship, new love, arts, long term commitments



If reversed, the Star speaks of delays and the need to be patient. Not all is lost but the time is not right. More balanced is needed. A disillusion has made you lose hope. A reversed star may also attract your attention to health issues and unhealthy behaviours that need addressing.

Keywords: hopelessness, blockage, lack of balance, delays, alcoholism, unhealthy habits

One Question Tarot Reading


Positive meaning: a long term relationship based on trust, respect and true love. You have found your soul mate. Your partner helps you be your best self.

Negative meaning: feelings may not be as strong as thought or hoped for. A disillusion. Communication is broken.


Positive meaning: prosperity and long term stability. If you are negotiating, you will get everything you hope for and more.

Negative meaning: the benefits of a contract or deal will not be as good as expected. Poor intuition for business.


Positive meaning: The Star is linked to professions where travelling or interaction with an audience are key. It is very favourable to artists and scientists.

Negative meaning: a frustrating job and insufficient income.


Positive meaning: someone devoted, brave and reliable. Someone providing you good advice and meaning well. A true friend. An artist or a healer.

Negative meaning: a cold and unbalanced personality. An alcoholic. An egocentric loser.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


Everything you can hope for is about to become reality. Destiny is leading the way and things are about to happen for you. A wedding, an incredible promotion, artistic success…everything is possible. Enjoy your success, believe in your good fortune.


A true love is in your future. You will meet someone new who will be the love of your life and bring wonderful changes. If you are in a relationship, your partner is about to commit to you even more.


Take every opportunity and make the most of them. Your luck is peaking. You are respected and loved. At work: success, riches and fame. For a female sitter: you are protected and on the right path. For a male sitter: a woman in your life brings you happiness.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits



Tarot Cards Meaning Wands
Your work life is at its best. You are being supported and success is guaranteed. New opportunities and offers. With the 4 of Wands: a success you couldn’t even dream of.



Tarot Cards Meaning Cups
Your love and family life are balanced and harmonious. With the 2 of Cups: soul mates, true love, happiness. With the Queen of Cups: a successful female artist or healer.



Tarot Cards Meaning Coins
Expect new sources of income, benefits from past actions and a stable position. With the Ace of Coins: great unexpected gains. Reversed, with the 2 of Cups: warning: don’t spend more than you can afford.



Tarot Cards Meaning Swords
You will be victorious, no matter the current struggle you’re in. Obstacles will be overcome. With the 4 of Swords: you will have a chance to rest and permanently heal. Reversed, with the 6 of Swords: heartaches.

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