Tarot Reading for Christmas – Gift Cards


Give the gift of clarity this Christmas!

Give someone a unique and personalised Tarot Reading

This reading is valid for 3 months after being purchased. It comes with a festive PDF Gift Card that you can print or email directly to the person it is intended for.

This is also a perfect last minute gift.


A Tarot Reading for Christmas is the Perfect Gift that Brings Light, Joy, Inspiration and Clarity


Originally, Christmas is a celebration of lights. Lights that shine in the deep darkness of Winter.

And that is exactly what Tarot is meant to do too. Shed light where there is darkness, bring clarity where there is confusion.

This is why offering a friend, family member or loved one a reading is a truly inspirational gift.


Each Reading is Personalized


Once you’ve booked the reading, the receiver will have 3 months to proceed to their session. Giving them plenty of time to prepare their questions and choose the best moment for them to receive guidance from the deck.

My Tarot Reading for Christmas session is based off the Email Tarot Reading, which is a flexible and fully personalized session with up to 3 specific questions and 5 – 6 spreads including a major layout such as a Celtic Cross.


How to Order


Simply place your order following the instructions on the checkout page.

You will be able to add a special note at checkout, please add the first name of the receiver.

You will then receive a Gift Card in the form of a PDF that you can print or email (within one day).


This PDF will include a unique serial number, instructions on how they need to contact me for their reading and how long their gift card is valid for.


After the recipient gets in touch with me and share their questions (or general concerns), they will receive a full PDF report of their reading within 2-5 workings days. This report is 10-15 pages long and includes pictures of the spreads as well as detailed interpretations of the cards.


If you have any question prior to booking this reading, do not hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you swiftly.

the best reading I had in years

the best reading I had in years


Such a beautiful experience seeing Lou!


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