Your Tarot Portrait – Reconnect with Yourself and Make Better Decisions


Reconnect with your true self with my custom Tarot portrait.

Discover where your strengths lie and how to make the most of your skills with the enlightening advices of Tarot.

The aim of this portrait is to help you recognize your strengths, weaknesses and identify the roots of your current life situation.

By reconnecting with our deeper self, we are able to start growing again and make the most of our hidden potential.

This reading comes with a special guidance spread as a bonus.


Your Tarot Portrait – Let the cards reveal your true self


Discover your Tarot Portrait with a custom made layout by Tarot Parlor.


You’ll get a full analysis of your strengths and weaknesses thanks to a unique spread invented by yours truly. Your Tarot Portrait does not call for any specific question but will reveal what you are good at, how to make the most of your skills and shed light on what makes your personality unique.


This reading is perfect to help guide you in times of confusion, when you are about to make important decisions or need to simply reconnect with your true self.


To ensure the best answers for you, I will ask for your first name, gender and star sign to proceed to the reading. A few (very) short questions will also help guide the cards.


The result is a report of 8 pages or more, sent to you within 1-4 working days. It includes the details of your spread as well as pictures and an in-depth interpretation, which can be your guide for several years.


The purpose of the Tarot Portrait is to let you re-discover yourself and enable you to make the most of your personal qualities.


In a nutshell, your Portrait includes :
– A complete personality overview (mind, spirit, body, roots)
– Where your strengths and weaknesses lie
– How to make the most of your qualities at this time
– Advices from the Tarot to make the most of your inner potential now


If you have any question prior to placing your order, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I encourage you to read the FAQ if you have any question prior to ordering your session.


By default I will often use the Animal Totem Tarot for this reading but if you prefer a more traditional deck, just let me know.

Thanks for the clarity.

Had a recent reading and she was very accurate. She is the real deal and will definitely go again. Thanks for the clarity.

I am so amazed
right on in every aspect of my life

Wow!! I am so amazed on all my readings I’ve personally had done by Louise. I did 6 different readings she offers and everyone I was blow away on how precise she was. I also had her do a couple for others and they where very pleased and satisfied as well. I am from the States in California and amazed how right on in every aspect of my life. The advice and guidance from the cards is amazing and in many cases giving me a direction in which way to go in my life/world. Thank you Louise. I very much appreciate you. You will be hearing from me so. A million thanks. Ernestina


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