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Reach new goals in your professional life, on your love journey and path to self-development.


The aim of a Tarot Coaching session is to provide specific guidance and advices to help you take the next steps towards happiness and success.


  • Understand your own limitations and potential
  • Set new goals for yourself and learn to achieve them
  • Feel empowered
  • Develop your self-esteem and build up your confidence
  • Find a better balance in life



Tarot Life Coaching Can Help You in All Situations and Phases of Your Life


Are you stuck in your love life or career? Both? Have you been dealing with too much stress or self sabotaging with negative thinking? I got you. Tarot Life Coaching is a mix of classic life coaching using the deck to shine more light where needed.


Tarot is much more than a prediction tool. It is a powerful way to channel your thoughts, understand your behaviour and build solid plans for the future.


Here’s how it works:

After you’ve booked your coaching session, I will contact you to set up our video appointment. Prior to our session, you will receive a form from me which you must fill in so we can make the most of your session. This form will help me assess, which areas of your life need immediate addressing and prepare your session for the best possible results.


life coaching



Overview of your session


How do you feel right now and what questions are on your mind
We will dive deep into the causes of your issues to unroot the negative and limiting beliefs that are blocking you
Tarot cards will be used as a support to dive into the origins of the problems and offer solutions (this is not a regular Tarot Reading session)
We’ll make a clear plan together on the next steps you need to take to feel better and take back control of your life


One session lasts up to 60 minutes with a 5 minutes break.


Whether you are dealing with loss, trauma, a feeling of unworthiness or struggling in your relationships, we can get to the bottom of things. Together we’ll implement a strategy for lasting change. My whole practice is dedicated to helping you live your best possible life. That’s why I pour my whole soul in every session. I can’t wait to work with you and be part of your healing, growth and journey to success.



I also offer a bundle version with 4 coaching sessions (1 weekly) with a 15% discount, that’s 55€ OFF (or 65$!). Just ask me about it if you’d like to book for a full month of coaching and achievements 🙂


Contact me if you have any questions prior to booking your session



I was surprised by the answers I got from my reading. Even more so when things started to happen like she said. Lou has an amazing talent and se knows what the cards have to say. Thank you so much for the honesty, clarity and help.


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