Tarot and Birth Chart Reading – A Guide for Life


Discover your fate, achieve your destiny and understand your true self with:

  • a complete Destiny Tarot Reading
  • a full birth chart reading

This is my most complete reading to date. It comes with a little book about yourself that can guide you for years.


Do you ever feel like some things were meant to be? Or not… Like you have been walking down a path you didn’t understand up to a revelation that would clarify everything? Do you ever feel lost but still know in your heart that the explanation will be right around the corner? Is your intuition on fire at all times? Do you have a hard time keeping a lover despite your dedication and passion? You may want to look at that Scorpio Moon or Venus in Aries… And add a little bit of Tarot to guide you through it all.


Understanding your deeper self is the first step towards success and happiness.


Your Tarot and Birth Chart Reading for Predictions and Guidance


Introducing my most complete and thorough reading to date. It is truly the guide of a lifetime.


This special reading combines a full birth chart and a destiny Tarot reading to help you understand which elements, planets and events will make and affect your personal journey in this life. I combine the messages of the cards with the messages of the planets to tailor a 20-30 pages book that will help you better connect with yourself and make the most of your gifts and opportunities.


What to Expect


This session starts with your birth chart reading, based on your birth date and time (if available) and location. Your birth chart allows to go way deeper into your astrological portrait to understand which signs and planets affect your destiny, special talents, communication, love life, career and personal growth. It is like looking into the DNA you inherited from the stars.

I then add Tarot cards onto your placements and proceed to a unique reading that reveals your true destiny in matters of love, career and spirituality. I will ask you to provide some simple information once you place your order including your birth day, birth time and location as well as your current location and family status.


Your report will include:

  • your birth chart reading: in depth analysis of your Big 3 (Sun, Rising, Moon signs), House placements and main aspects
  • Pictures of your Tarot spread and an in-depth interpretation of the cards including guidance and predictions
  • Expect a 20-30 pages PDF report within about week.

Everything is entirely personalised and based on your information.


How it Works

Once you’ve placed your order, I will ask you to provide me with your birth date, time and location (this is very important so do try to have this information ready when you order). If your birth time is not available, we can leave it out but it does make a big difference to have it as your reading will be more accurate and in-depth.

Your current location, family and employment status will guide your Tarot predictions. It will also help me situate you on your life path.

I will then proceed to your reading and deliver your 20-30 pages PDF report within 3 to 6 days.


If you have any questions at all prior to placing your order do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly. I’m always available.


Incredibly deep

Incredibly deep. Was worth my money. I didn’t do it in December but Louise helped me make the most of the rading anyways. i have printed the report and I will use it often. SO THANK YOU!!!



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