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Summer Tarot Reading- 2 Readings Bundle (limited time only)

The Summer Tarot Bundle includes 2 readings with a total discount of over 30% off the regular price.

This inspirational bundle is made to bring you clarity and boost your confidence for the months to come.


It includes:


A Seasonal Tarot Reading for the Summer

A Mini Tarot Advice for the season ahead


Enjoy 2 insightful Tarot Readings for a unique seasonal price.




With my Tarot for the Summer Bundle, you’re getting a 30% discount off two amazing readings, which will help you see clearer and feel better.

This limited time only bundle includes the following readings:


1 Summer Tarot Reading

The Seasonal Reading, done with the Ostara Tarot deck, will help you make the most of the 3 months ahead.

This session brings you a mix of predictions and advices from the cards to best prepare the second half of the year.


1 Mini Tarot Advice

Summer Tarot Reading

The Mini Tarot Advice is a short and sweet reading, which gives you direct guidance from the cards. Its purpose is to give you advices in general to help you make decisions and take the next important steps in your life.

It is usually done with a miniature Tarot deck or the Aquarian Tarot deck.

This reading is both surprising, enlightening and guaranteed to inspire.


This bundle is available for a limited time only as a seasonal offer.







These special bundles are made with love to allow you to discover the readings on Tarot Parlor to see clearer and feel better. Enjoy!

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  1. 5 out of 5

    really enjoyed the reading and the advice you gave me was helpful

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