Seasonal Tarot Reading + Your Free Tarot Advice

seasonal tarot reading
5.00 out of 5


Seasonal Tarot Reading + Your Free Tarot Advice

Welcome the new season with a Tarot spread, which will help you recognize the opportunities awaiting.


Discover how to make the most out of the 3 months to come and receive your free personal advice for the season from the Tarot.


With this order you will receive:

A PDF report of two spreads (1 traditional seasonal spread and 1 personal advice spread) including their pictures and full interpretation. Your session and report will be available within 3-5 days after your order is confirmed.


Seasonal Tarot Reading: the perfect way to start the new season


The seasonal Tarot Reading gives you specific advices for the next 3 months.


This spread is perfect to inspire you at the start of a new season. You will get advices and general guidance as well as predictions for the season ahead.


I will also ask the cards for a specific advice for you this season, this smaller spread is a free gift to help you start the season well!


Please note that this spread is not intended for specific questions – these are not included – and is more of an inspirational and surprising reading.


***Once you’ve booked your reading, I will need your star sign, first name and location.

There is a NOTES area in the checkout section where you can add that information.***


If you have detailed questions in mind then an email Tarot reading might be something for you.


If you have any question prior to ordering your reading, please read the FAQ or contact me directly.



I appreciate Louise’ honesty and precision. She writes and explains what the cards say and what it means. i tried online psychic questions before because I was so sad and always had vague or generic answers. Louise is a human! With a big heart and intuition.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Lou did this reading for me last Spring and now at the end of the summer and I will come book it again for the winter!! It’s small and quick and super super cool. I look at it every now and then and find a tip for the day or the week. thanks thanks Lou Lou!!

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