Past Lives Tarot Reading

past lives karma tarot reading
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Past Lives Tarot Reading

The soul never forgets

Discover your past lives with this special Tarot reading revealing the past and future lives of your soul.


This reading reveals your karmic cycle with an introductory spread defining how many lives you’ve had, where you are coming from and going to.


The main spread will go into the details of your previous lives to show how it still influences your present and what you have learned from this journey. Were you a man, a woman, rich, happy or struggling? All of this still matters today.


A surprising and wonderfully enlightening reading.



Past Lives Tarot Reading: the key to the present lies in the past.


This special Tarot reading will reveal your past lives in details. Discover the journey and the purpose of your soul.


Have you ever felt like you knew something you’ve never learned or been somewhere you could not possibly have visited before?


The reason to that is likely to be found in a very distant past, which can be revealed by the cards.


This reading will define how many past lives you have had, what they were and what you have learned from them. I will also do a Karmic reading to reveal the journey of your soul.


This is a wonderfully rich reading revealing many details of your past lives, explaining aspects of your present situation and destiny that can be very helpful to understand the ‘bigger picture’.

Sitters usually feel like so many things make more sense after this reading. It’s like being able to look really deep down below the surface and shed light on things that were not visible and were yet impacting you very profoundly.


Knowing the stories and understanding the lessons of your past lives is just as important as digging into buried memories or reading your natal chart. They’re a part of you and continue to influence how you feel and react to your environment and the people you meet on your path.



This reading includes a full report of your session including pictures, analysis and past lives descriptions.

The length of your spread depends on how many lives you’ve had, knowing that this reading will cover a maximum of 5 lives (from the most to least recent).


What goes around comes around. What’s coming around for you?


Order your Past Lives Tarot Reading today to find out.

After you’ve placed your order, I will be in touch using the email provided at check out to ask you some simple questions such as your star sign, location at birth, current location and gender. After receiving your response, I will proceed to your session and send you a full PDF report within about a week.


If you have any question prior to placing your order, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I encourage you to read the FAQ if you have any question prior to ordering your session.



thanks so much for taking the time. It has been very helpful talking to you, it shed light over the priorities of the moment, giving me more clarity. Once again what you say makes sense, from my heart I’m thankful for having met you!


What a gem. She is the best tarot reader online by far. She goes above and beyond to give you answers and precious life advice. Wonderful experience.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    At first I was a bit hesitant to ask for this reading but eventually sure enough to go for it. She took her time, did a reading for each life then listened to my questions carefully for each of them. It was intense and very interesting. Definitely a next step in Tarot reading for me. Thank you Louise!!

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