Love Path Tarot Reading


Discover your unique love path. This spread, invented here at the Tarot Parlor, is a deep and thorough look at your love life. It allows one additional question. This question is optional and must be love related.

After ordering this reading, you will receive:
– A 5-7 pages summary of your reading including a picture of your spread.
– The message of each card in detail
– The advice of Tarot for your love life
– Past, present and future of your love path
– An answer to your additional question


The Love Path Tarot Reading: Designed to Reveal the Journey of your Heart


Are you having questions about your love life? Whether you are in a relationship or not and whatever the current state of things, the Love Path Tarot spread will reveal the true love path that is yours to take.

The Love Path is a custom Tarot Parlor spread that I have conceived while helping many consultants over the past few years.

It will reveal what your love situation is right now, reflect on your past love life and shed light on your future.

You can additionally ask up to 2 specific questions related to your love life. This is especially useful when wondering if your loved one is being honest with you, if someone will come back to you or if feelings are mutual for example.


How it works:

Once you’ve booked your reading, I will need your star sign, first name (and the same information about your partner if applicable) and relationship status. You can then add an optional short question about your love life if you wish.

You will receive your reading summary including a picture of your spread within a week tops after the session has taken place.


If you have any question prior to placing your order, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I encourage you to read the FAQ if you have any question prior to ordering your session.



I was surprised by the answers I got from my reading. Even more so when things started to happen like she said. Lou has an amazing talent and se knows what the cards have to say. Thank you so much for the honesty, clarity and help.

honesty and precision

I appreciate Louise’ honesty and precision. She writes and explains what the cards say and what it means. i tried online psychic questions before because I was so sad and always had vague or automatic answers. Louise is a human! With a big heart and intuition.

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  1. Eric

    Amazing. Thank you so much.

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