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The Most Popular Tarot Reading


If you are unsure of which Tarot spread is right for you, you can't go wrong with this one.


The fully personalized Email Online Tarot reading is completely tailored to your needs and unique to you.


It includes up to 3 specific questions and at least one general major spread such as a Celtic Cross or Horse Shoe and a closing spread too. It is deep, full of insights and built around your personal needs and questions.


The Email Online Tarot reading is an in-depth reading that can give you answers to any question you have.


I use different spreads and decks to reveal the true nature of your situation. The Tarot will answer your questions and offer guidance immediately.


An Email Online Tarot reading is perfect to answer questions about your love life, work situation or finances.


How it works:


Order your Email Online Tarot reading here and I will get back to you with a couple of questions to guide the cards in your absence, for example: star sign and your partner’s star sign if applicable, current job situation and location.

We can focus the reading on your love life, career or else. Up to 3 specific questions are included and will be completed with at least one general and one closing spread. That’s a minimum of 5 spreads.


I will  read the cards for you and send a detailed report within 1-3 working days .


The session is usually made of 5 spreads, depending on your questions and specific interests.


Every reading is unique and tailored for your needs.


The report includes pictures of your Tarot reading and the detailed messages from the cards. It is usually about 12 pages long (often more).


If you have any question prior to ordering your reading, please read the FAQ or contact me directly.


Thank you a thousand times xo!!

She gave SUCH GREAT advice from the cards I cried! A good cry. Everything makes sense now

audrey d.
I feel more powerful!!
amazing reader

A lot of details were provided and it gave me a lot of hope and strength… I feel more powerful!! haha! crazy but it’s true 🙂 Highly recommended. Thanks Lou, you are a sweeeet lady and amazing reader.

4 reviews for Email Tarot Reading

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    S (verified owner)

    I did an email reading with Louise. I was deciding on taking some future career options and wanted to be sure if they would reward me in the future. The reading definitely helped me in a positive way and I think this will bring the motivation and confidence to move ahead as well. Everything just seemed to fit fine in with my personal life as well as seen from the reading. Thanks a lot !!


  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I did a reading because I read the blog often and I love how cool she sounds compared to other tarot readers who are very dramatic and dark (you should make videos too btw!!) – or super expensive. I mean come one… But I don’t want to ask about the future so I asked for advices instead. I really needed to know what to do with my life. I just quit a job without another and I felt completely crazy and lost and even my bf was criticizing my choices now. She gave SUCH GREAT advice from the cards I cried! A good cry. Everything makes sense now and if I one day do a reading in person, before we start, a big hug to Lou! You really helpd me out. Thank you a thousand times xo!! Maria

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Wow!! I am so amazed on all my readings I’ve personally had done by Louise. I did 6 different readings she offers and everyone I was blow away on how precise she was. I also had her do a couple for others and they where very pleased and satisfied as well. I am from the States in California and amazed how right on in every aspect of my life. The advice and guidance from the cards is amazing and in many cases giving me a direction in which way to go in my life/world. Thank you Louise. I very much appreciate you. You will be hearing from me so. A million thanks. Ernestina

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    my sister sent me to the tarot parlor because i was going through a difficult break up. i chose the email reading which was really cheap and received a wonderful 4 pages of advices and recommendations. I appreciate Louise’ honesty and precision. She writes and explains what the cards say and what it means. i tried online psychic questions before because I was so sad and always had vague or automatic answers. Louise is a human! With a big heart and intuition.

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