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Moon Tarot Card MeaningThe Moon is one of the most mysterious Tarot cards. Like the Hanged Man, its meaning is often at the heart of debates.

Since Tarot’s origins are to be found in the Middle Ages and the Moon speaks of feminine powers and energy, it’s easy to understand why this card is often associated with black magic.

But it all goes way deeper than that. It is one of the richest cards in the deck.


The Moon is the card of the Yin, feminine energy, of attraction and magnetism. It speaks of the things that can’t  be seen in broad daylight; it’s everything that happens below the surface.

The crab in the water not only represents the card’s main star sign (Cancer) but also the important work that happens below the surface and in the darkness. The crab’s work is to eat anything bad at the bottom of the lake to make sure no bad smell comes to the surface. It is above all, a metaphor of our subconscious.


The dogs, just like the towers, watch over the territory surrounding the lake. They keep the moon at bay so her magnetic powers don’t disrupt the waters too much. The tamed and the wild come together at night to re-establish a connection between our primal and social self.


This is one of the many things happening on this card. Others include rumours, maternity and secrets.

hand_directionBecause feminine energy and under water mysteries were considered black magic and evil in the Middle Ages, the Moon still carries today a certain inherent darkness. Therefore, some books or readers will advise to read the Moon like the Tower or the Devil: a reversed Moon would be less negative than an upright Moon. I leave this open to your own intuition as the Moon is a special card that speaks differently to different readers. I also find that its meaning is very much influenced by the cards surrounding it and I usually let the Moon speak in a unique way for each reading.

Associated star signs: Cancer, Pisces
Element: Water
Season & Time: Summer – Night time – Monday
Prediction speed: mid and long term

The Advice of The Moon: trust your intuition and follow your inner voice. Observe and be quiet. Things are not what they seem.

The Warning of The Moon: Be careful and reasonable. A trap might be waiting for you. Don’t give your trust too easily.

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The Moon speaks of what is untold and unseen: imagination, intuition, talent, memories, dreams. The card also speaks of pregnancy and creativity. Something invisible is in the making and will be revealed soon. A talent for the arts can be expressed through the Moon.

Keywords: secrets, the invisible, childhood, pregnancy, maternity, creativity, memories, intuition, family, reunions, emotions



The Moon is the card of everything that is hidden. In a negative spread, this card speaks of lies, dark secrets and sorrow. The water becomes dangerous, the dog and wolf howling at the moon send the reader a warning: the universe is not on your side, people are working against you. Problems must be addressed in depth.

Keywords: anxiety, depression, treason, incoherences, rumours, confusion, masochism, blackmail, backstabbing


Positive meaning: the Moon speaks of passion and irresistible attraction. A complicated affair. The card is favorable to pregnancy and family life.

Negative meaning: you’re confusing love with physical attraction. Lack of long term perspectives in a relationship. Communication is broken. Too many secrets will damage your relation.


Positive meaning: The Moon is a great card for real estate transactions and everything that is linked to the home. Depending on the spread, unexpected gains are announced.

Negative meaning: a contract is broken, promises are not kept. Illegal business.


Positive meaning: The Moon is favorable to creative professions and those related to women and children (teachers, doctors, nurses but also musicians, painters).

Negative meaning: your career does not fit your personality and talent. You’re on the wrong path. Back stabbing, crooks.


Positive meaning: someone with their head in the clouds. Dreaming their life away and being passive. A mysterious woman or a mother. Someone with strong intuition. Possibly a witch or alternative healer.

Negative meaning: someone lazy, hostile and envious. Someone you cannot trust. A false friend or a hidden enemy.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


A crazy passion is at the center of your world. But don’t confuse physical attraction and love. There is no future in a relationship based on impulses and selfishness. Are you trapped in an abusive relationship? Your partner does not care for your feelings. There could be a dangerous woman in your life.


Others are trying to influence you in your decision making process. Don’t listen to the dogs howling at the moon for they don’t know what they’re saying and may even have bad intentions. Make your decision based on your own judgement and reason only.


A time of rest after being hurt. Whether you’re recovering from a serious health problem or an emotional trauma, you need to take the time to let the troubled waters settle. You will get back on your feet again, be patient.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


Positive combinations: creative work is favoured. Networking is key. Negative associations: confusion at work, fraud and backstabbing. Your reputation could be at stake.


Positive readings: family life is favoured. A happy pregnancy. Emotional balance. Negative associations: envy, broken promises and dark secrets.


If your spread is positive, your creative talents could become a source of income or generate new benefits. Negative readings: fraud, a crook.


The Swords can protect you from rumours and backstabbing. But depending on your spread, they can announce deception in matters of love, emotional pain or treason.

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