The Lovers Tarot Card MeaningOften associated with love and the blessing of a soul mate, The Lovers card mostly speaks of choices, virtue and balance.

The Lovers is the card of choices. Only in certain cases and readings does it actually refer to a relationship or love. There is a certain irony to the fact that much confusion built up around this card, which speaks of making decisions and seeing past confusion.

In a spread dedicated to love, this card can be highly positive and could comfort the idea that true soul mates have met.

The person you chose to be with is the right one for you. It confirms good fortune for matters of the heart, weddings and engagements.

The Lovers is also one of the cards that speaks of balance in all aspects of life, from love to finances and health.

Associated star signs: Gemini
Element: Air
Season & Time: Summer – June to September – Wednesday
Prediction speed: mid term

Tarot Card Meaning LoversLOOKING BACK

If you go back to the Marseille symbolism or medieval Italian artwork, you will immediately see why this is the card of choices and hesitation and not so much the card of love.

The scene is inspired by the story of Greek hero Hercules facing a life changing decision.

He must choose between prudence and adventure, between responsibility and pleasure. Many recent decks changed our vision of this card but this simplification can take away some of its power. This is why studying the original and ancient cards too will always bring you more knowledge.

Tarot Card Meaning Lovers AdviceThe Advice of The Lovers: Trust your instinct and inner voice. The hard road will most likely be the right road. Don’t settle for what is easy.

Tarot Card Meaning Lovers WarningThe Warning of The Lovers: Make sure to consider every single fact before making a decision. Do not rush. Do not trust others’ opinions.

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Despite the simplified pop culture meaning usually associated with it, The Lovers speaks of choices and decisions. It’s about waiting and it sometimes announces delays. Wishes will come true, callings could be discovered.

Keywords: youth, decisions, wishes fulfilled, patience, balance, changes, flirt, projects


In a negative spread or reversed, we are facing lies and manipulation. Temptation is stronger than virtue. An inner conflict is tearing one apart. Difficult choices or a dangerous encounter.

Keywords: guilty love, bad decision, doubts, inability to choose, deception, exhaustion


Positive meaning: you have found a true soul mate. A profound, lasting relationship leading to marriage and happiness.

Negative meaning: doubts about your partner, a cheating heart or a relationship based only on sexual attraction.


Positive meaning: the need of a business partners to achieve your goals or close a deal. A choice that will bring benefits. Invest in real estate.

Positive meaning: involvement with the wrong partners. Don’t rush into partnerships or new contracts.


Positive meaning: Collaborate with others, it’ll make you stronger. An exam or a test will be passed and projects will be successful through hard work, not luck.

Negative meaning: A business is facing bankruptcy. Things were not being thought through. Backstabbing.


Positive meaning: Someone who changes easily, a light hearted and fun personality. This is usually a young adult. It could be a flirt.

Negative meaning: light heartedness becomes instability and unreliability. This person is not to be trusted.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


A burning, passionate love. This is all about desire and physical attraction. The partners may already be involved but simply cannot resist each other. If reversed: cheating, bondage.


We are looking at a young love lacking solid foundations to truly grow. It should be enjoyed as a flirt and accepted for what it is. If in a relationship, one of the partners is less committed than the other.


Destiny will come to your help. If you were in a difficult situation, things well get into motion again and let you have what you desire. Hard work and patience always pay.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


Collaboration is encouraged and necessary. Trust others and use their competencies to reach your own professional goals. With the Ace of Wands: a new professional collaboration.


Love is real, happiness is complete. In matters of the heart, everything is well. With the Knight of Cups: a fascinating lover. With the King of Cups: marriage can be expected. Reversed: disappointment in matters of the heart.


At best, we’re looking at unusual spendings, one enjoying the good life. Don’t overspend or live beyond your means. With the 5 of Coins: a relationship based on material interests.


Rarely positive, this association speaks of difficult choices, possible break ups and heart break. With the King of Swords: Distance and coldness. With the 7 of Swords: reconciliation, love renewed.

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