Justice, originally Card VIII, has been associated with number XI with the global success of the Rider Waite system. It is the card of fair decisions, balance and legal matters.

Harsh but fair, this card speaks of cosmic justice as well as human justice. Everyone gets what they deserve in the end.

Bad actions lead to inevitable punishment.

It is the card of official and legal matters. Contracts are signed, conflicts are settled.

You may not always understand why something is happening, but Justice assures you that things are unfolding as they should. In a fair way.

Associated star signs: Libra
Element: Air
Season & Time: Autumn – October – Friday
Prediction speed: long to very long term

Justice Tarot Card Meaning

The Advice of Justice: do not go against logic. Be pragmatic and fair. Let reason guide you.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning

The Warning of Justice: Be sure not to act in an unfair manner or expect payback for it.

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Justice is the card of legal matters. All actions eventually have consequences and now is the time to discover what they are. If you are expecting a contract to be signed, a deal to be closed or even a relationship to become official, your wish will come true.  Legal conflicts are won. The end of a struggle or a long awaited answer to a frustrating situation.

Keywords: untying, fairness, balance, justice, legal victory, peace, stability, traditions



In a negative spread or reversed, the Justice carries a harsh message. A trial is loss, an unfair legal decision is being faced. Expect difficulties and inevitable conflicts. You may be paying the consequences of past mistakes.

Keywords: vice, injustice, intolerance, divorce, abuse, blackmail, excess


Positive meaning: a relationship is made official. A tangible life partnership such as moving in together, getting married or buying a house together. If you’re facing problems in your relationship, balance is about to be retrieved.

Negative meaning: a divorce, a legal conflict at home or a missed occasion.


Positive meaning: luck favours those who have been constant and committed. A long awaited inheritance will be received. A legal matter brings financial benefits.

Negative meaning: debts, unlawful contracts and transactions.


Positive meaning: This card speaks of work and law: a contract signed, a deal closed, a new hire. An application is successful.

Negative meaning: a contract is cancelled, an exam is failed. Blackmail or conflicts can be expected.


Positive meaning: Often a woman, between 30 and 50 years old. She is harsh or possibly cold but righteous and reliable. This could also be an institution or legal authority.

Negative meaning: a shy person who is incapable of making decisions or standing up for herself.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


You are facing an inner struggle. Your emotions are conflictual but you will soon overcome this restlessness and inner turmoil. In a specific spread, this association can reveal a successful artistic endeavour. A passion turned into a day job.


In a positive spread this association often speaks of a new job being offered. A new position will bring a better financial situation. If reversed: a warning regarding a work contract. Be sure to read the fine prints before signing anything.


Justice and the Lovers (and ideally Judgement) announces a wedding happening soon. Your partner will propose any day now or the wedding is about to be celebrated. If 2 cards or more are reversed: a divorce or legal separation.

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Cards Association with the Minor Suits


Work, work, work. It’s all about work and getting any unclear situation sorted. Get your paperwork sorted, take care of any administrative task you have been neglecting. With  2 of Wands: favourable judgement.


This association often speaks of keeping a cool head and not letting passion guide your choices. With the 10 of Cups: a new partnership that proves to be more than friendly than professional.


Justice and Coins are usually an invitation to reconsider or moderate your spendings. With the 3 of Coins: honesty. With the 9 of coins: a reward or financial benefit.


This association, when upright, usually speaks of urgency. Something must be done fast. Certain associations may speak of accidents and hurt. With the Ace of Swords: bad news coming from afar.

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