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Judgement Tarot Card Meanin

Judgement is often known as the card of news. It can announce a phone call, a letter or a message you finally get from the universe or a person. Judgement is the card of consequences, realization and untying.

Judgement is a very interesting card that always announces something important in the near future. Depending on the spread, this could be hearing back from someone, receiving a long awaited answer or simply getting payback for your actions.

The effect of the card is quick. You may need to make a decision immediately and it will affect your whole life in the long term. In this case, Judgement urges you to act fast.

This is a highly favourable card, which always strengthens the spread in which it is found for the better. Expect help and sudden changes.

Associated star signs: Aquarius, Pisces
Element: Air & Fire
Season & Time: February – Saturday
Prediction speed: fast with long term effects

The Advice of Judgement: don’t wait to make a decision or a move. Act fast and things will go your way.

The Warning of Judgement: what goes around comes around. Don’t act without considering all the possible consequences of your actions.

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Judgement is always favorable to a yes/no question. Your wish will come true. The card also announces sudden, unexpected news that will be very important. Judgement speaks of genius, of unique ideas and talent. In love, work or family, expect a happy ending and good surprises.

Keywords: good news, sudden changes, happiness, success, reward, fame, protection, victory, talent, freedom, healing


In a negative spread or reversed, Judgement is no longer a divine intervention in your favour but most likely a warning. Be careful before making a decision as you may not have all the information you need yet. A situation you were hoping to see change is stuck and will remain so. Bad news are on the way.

Keywords: frustration, disappointment, crisis, bad news, self-destruction, divorce, a legal problem


Positive meaning: a new love is announced. Love at first sight or meeting someone new. If you are in a relationship, a big change will occur, most likely your partner’s attitude is about to change completely. Return of a loved one.

Reversed: crisis, possible separation. Disloyalty. You’re paying the price for past actions.


Positive meaning: a deal is sealed. A problem affecting your material well-being is suddenly solved.

Reversed: a poor contract. Bad business. You are taking inconsiderate risks.


Positive meaning: The card of Judgement announces a definitive change at work. Most likely a shift, a new contract or new beginning. Judgement favours everything new and out of the ordinary. Travel for work might be necessary.

Negative meaning: a serious issue at work, deception, arguments. Someone could even lose their job.


Positive meaning: an open-minded, eccentric and magnetic figure. Someone harsh but fair with an unusual profession. Someone free and independent. An artist.

Negative meaning: someone who is all fake. A boring character trying hard to be special. A disappointing personality.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


Love at first sight and a new beginning in matters of love. Destiny is at work and a new start will bring you happiness. The time of indecisions is over. In a work/finance reading, a decision is made after a long hesitation.


A brand new life is about to start for the sitter. Deep and definitive changes must be expected in every aspect of life. After a difficult time, a new balance is found. News in your work life.


A trial or legal conflict is coming to an end. If both cards are upright and the spread is positive, this ending is favourable to you. A fair judgement will be given. An unexpected inheritance may also be announced.

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Cards Association with the Minor Suits


Tarot Cards Meaning WandsNow may be the time to assess your professional situation. An appraisal is necessary. With the 4 of Wands: well being and prosperity. With the Ace: the news or answer you were hoping for.


Tarot Cards Meaning Cups
You must make an important decision in your love life or family life. There is no time to lose. With the Page of Cups: a very good news in your personal life. With the  Knight of Cups: a loyal and devoted person enters your life.


Tarot Cards Meaning Coins
Judgement and Coins often speak of a new financial venture about to start. New ways of financing an idea are found. You may be invited to join someone in a new investment. With the Ace of Coins: sudden income, inheritance.


Tarot Cards Meaning Swords
This association calls for a necessary change in your ways and approach to life. You need to re-evaluate yourself and make improvements while you still can. With the 9 of Swords: you will find peace again. Reversed with the Knight of Swords: bad news on the way.

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