High Priestess Tarot Card MeaningThe High Priestess is silent and wise. She holds all the secrets and knowledge of a lifetime. She speaks of spirituality, feminine powers and the natural order of the universe.

She is one of the most powerful figures of the deck. But not in a material way.

She is the symbol of a knowledge that remains often out of reach. She is the guardian of the night and eternal knowledge. She rules over the realm of emotions and ideas. 

A large piece of cloth hides the horizon behind her, because she is all about secrets.

The High Priestess is the card of feminine knowledge and energy. She represents the mother or the wife. Or simply a very wise woman.

Associated star signs: Cancer & Taurus
Element: Water & Earth
Season & Time: Summer – May / June – Monday
Prediction speed: long term (one to several months)

High Priestess Tarot Card MeaningThe Advice of the High Priestess: trust a woman near you. Her advice is precious and her intentions are good. Follow your intuition.

High Priestess Tarot Card MeaningThe Warning of the High Priestess: Secrets can be dangerous and turn against you. Beware of a possible ill-intended female friend or partner.


When drawn upright the High Priestess speaks of all the qualities usually associated with feminine energy: patience, compassion, understanding, constance. She speaks of long cycles and success that comes in slowly.

Keywords: maturity, spirituality, wisdom, patience, motherhood, experience, knowledge, well controlled emotions


When drawn reversed the High Priestess warns against laziness, false intuitions and dangerous secrets. Hidden plans and bad intentions. A warning against a false ally or a stuck situation. The sitter must take action: being passive is a mistake.

Keywords: false ally, jealousy, a blocage, hidden danger, trap, help being denied, ignorance, secrets

One Question Tarot Reading


Positive meaning: Marriage, motherhood and family. A relationship, which is quiet but true and full of love. Good relation with a mother or elderly woman.

Negative meaning: beware of little treacheries, secrets and bad communication. One partner does not feel valued.


Positive meaning: Your riches are spiritual above all but if the High Priestess is upright, your finances are protected and an investment will be beneficial in the long run. Don’t expect sudden new income or gains.

Negative meaning: a sudden loss is expected. Beware of a trap.


Positive meaning: Don’t expect luck to do your job. Only hard work and studies will be rewarded. An ally in the hierarchy.

Negative meaning: a project is blocked. Colleagues may be working against you. Failure. There is something you did not fully understand.


Positive meaning: She usually stands for a woman who is married, a mother, grand-mother or a very spiritual and experienced person. Thoughtful and honest, her intentions are good and her advise is worth gold.

Negative meaning: a false female ally, a woman working against you.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


All options are on the table. You must use your experience well to make the right choice but also let your heart and intuition speak freely. Don’t be too cautious and let your spirit run free. There is no time to lose with materialism.


This association can speak of two things: emotions that are both very strong but also very well controlled. An intuitive person who is guided by reason. It can also mean a pregnancy and often points to the querant’s mother.


An influential woman is being revealed by the Wheel of Fortune and the High Priestess side by side. Your hope will come true, a project will succeed thanks to the intervention of a woman. Your destiny is in her hand.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


A woman of influence will give you important advices. Follow a woman who is more senior to you or who might be offering you a work opportunity. Reversed: a difficult work situation.


Motherly love is the key. A woman in your family is your strongest ally. Female friendship. With the Ace of Cups: pregnancy. Reversed: issues with the mother, uncontrolled emotions.


In a positive spread: You are protected by a female partner who is balanced and reliable. Reversed or in a negative spread: a woman is threatening your business or financial situation.


The cards are most likely speaking of a very strong woman whose intelligence is extraordinary. She is able and willing to fight for herself. Reversed: sterility, family arguments.

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