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Hierophant Tarot Card MeaningHe is one of the 3 strongest spiritual cards of the deck with the High Priestess and the Hermit.

The Hierophant speaks quietly and wisely and can persuade anyone about anything without ever raising his voice. He works in total harmony with the universe. He is never wrong.

The Hierophant is a bridge between the earth and the sky, between men and spirits.

He is a diplomat, a savant, a father figure and an ally of the greatest value.

The Hierophant represents traditions, stability, social rules and institutions.

Associated star signs: Taurus, Virgo
Element: Earth
Season & Time: Summer / Spring –  May / September – Wednesday / Thursday
Prediction speed: mid and long term

Tarot Card Meaning Hierophant AdviceThe Advice of the Hierophant: you must let reason guide you, not passion. Before making a decision, analyze your situation and think about the future.

Tarot Card Meaning Hierophant WarningThe Warning of the Hierophant: Beware of crooks and liars. Some people around you may appear solid and trustworthy when they are actually not reliable at all.

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The Hierophant speaks of peace of mind and understanding. He is clement and well intended and his protection will get you anywhere. He knows the order of the universe and understands fate. You are protected and guided by his wisdom.

Keywords: appeasement, dialogue, diplomacy, protection, guidance, spirituality


The Hierophant is a heavy and difficult card when reversed. Injustice and maybe illegal activities are revealed by him. He can also speak of ultra-conformism and a lack of understanding for others. The reversed Hierophant is incapable of accepting his own mistakes or learning any life lesson.

Keywords: traditionalism, injustice, boredom, helplessness, blockage, selfishness, conservatism


Positive meaning: a relationship meant to last on the very long term. Especially if associated with the High Priestess. A good, solid man you can rely on. Promises will be kept.

Negative meaning: an illusion of stability, love gone wrong.


Positive meaning: whether big or small, the income is managed in the best possible manner and is destined to increase. Someone in the know can help you manage your investments or help you grow your assets.

Negative meaning: overspending, bad advice, lack of balance.


Positive meaning: A very solid and enviable situation. The Hierophant is at the top of the hierarchy. He can be a boss, a trainer, someone who helps elevate others.

Negative meaning: a sudden career stop. A bump in the road. Help is denied.


Positive meaning: The Hierophant is mostly two things: a father figure and a guide. He can be the wise man in your life (a good husband, father, older brother) or a well meaning boss who will help you achieve your goals. He is protective and kind.

Negative meaning: someone weak. A liar. A man with no life principles or sense of ethics.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


Psychological breakthrough and analysis. A therapy is changing your world or should be started now. A deep understanding of old emotions will solve an ongoing issue.


We are looking at the ultimate couple. Solid, official, true and stronger than ever. The Hierophant and the High Priestess work in perfect harmony together. A marriage that will last, a partnership that is meant to be.


A legal issue’s outcome lies in the hand of one powerful man. If upright, this man (possibly a judge) is honest and will make the best possible decision. If reversed, a wrong judgement or difficult outcome is inevitable. This association can also speak of marriage.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


Positive meanings: a strong ally at work. Someone higher in the hierarchy or influent in your network. Negative meanings: an enemy who is stronger than you. Treason.


This positive association speaks of generosity. A loving father figure, a reassuring male presence. Reversed/ Negative: weakness. A father or husband with health problems.


In a positive spread: A great harmony at home. All things material and personal are protected. Negative: personal debts, a provider who fails.


Positive meaning: a righteous fight for a just cause. Negative meaning: the anger of a mature, possibly older man. Take cover.

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