The Hermit speaks of introspection, soul searching, wisdom and enlightenment. He is the keeper of a rare and precious wisdom.

The Hermit is the card of reflection. To understand certain truths, you must step back and stay away from the world.

The Hermit travels alone and hides the light he holds with his long dark cape. Because not everyone could actually understand the knowledge he carries or the message he holds.

The Hermit is humble and secretive. He stands for imperceptible yet solid changes. A seed has been planted. But it is not yet ready to be sowed.

This card speaks of time spent alone and deep thinking. In a negative spread it is also the card of loneliness. But the Hermit is a bearer of hope telling us that from any situation, no matter how difficult, a valuable lesson can be learned.

Associated star signs: Capricorn, Virgo
Element: Earth
Season & Time: Winter – December – Saturday
Prediction speed: very long term (up to 3 years)

The Advice of The Hermit: time your friend. Allow yourself to think things through. Investigate, meditate. Don’t let anyone pressure you into making a decision. Think for yourself.

The Warning of The Hermit: disloyal friends or unreliable business partners may be working against you. Keep your distances and only trust your personal judgement.

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The Hermit is all about nuances and subtle influences. Now is the time to think and accept to spend time alone. You must look at your life without any filters or self-indulgence. The Hermit often speaks of a recent disillusion or hurt that is being processed. But light shines brighter in the darkness and this introspective journey will make you stronger and wiser.

Keywords: introspection, meditation, distance, wisdom, purity, intelligence, secrets, slow evolution, spirituality


When drawn reversed, the Hermit often speaks of loss or the impossibility to let go of pain. Frustration and stagnation is what you feel. Overthinking may lead to fear and immobilism. Bad luck is at work and depending on the cards surrounding the reversed Hermit, this moment of hurt is most likely the direct consequence of poor decisions.

Keywords: loneliness, hurt, loss, coldness, pessimism, depression, blocage, frustration, bad luck


Positive meaning: the Hermit speaks of pure and true love. There is no hidden agenda and no hidden interest. A profound, almost spiritual bound.

Negative meaning: fear leads to loneliness, a lack of harmony. Inability to share one’s feelings.


Positive meaning: frugality and prudence go a long way. It’s time to save money and prepare the future. Small sacrifices now will ensure future stability.

Negative meaning: important financial problems due to money being loss or badly spent. The situation is worrying.


Positive meaning: over time hard work will bring its benefits. What is being done is solid. Studies and research are favoured. The card may speak of a highly trained professional (doctor, philosopher, mathematician etc.).

Negative meaning: an unsuitable job. An ungrateful situation where talent is not being recognized.


Positive meaning: The Hermit almost always stands for a mature person (45+ or spiritually mature). It is often a grandfather, a priest, a guide, a doctor.

Negative meaning: a cold, greedy and selfish person.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


Success will be within reach after a long period of hesitation, doubts and uncertainties. All the sacrifices made will prove to worthwhile.

After a necessary time spent in the darkness, a new light will shine for you.


At best, this association speaks of a complete change of perception. Someone’s views have been drastically changed and the way they see the world will never be the same but this is not painless. Negative meaning: depression, mental problems.


Positive meaning: a profound bound that elevates a relationship to an almost spiritual level. Perfect harmony and a shared vision of the world. Negative meaning: duplicity and cheating in a love relationship.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


This association often speaks of exhaustion. Something has been going on for too long and draining your energy. With the King of Wands: an old man holding incredible wisdom.


There may be delay in matters of the heart. A wedding may be postponed. A disillusion could be faced. Lack of spontaneity in love. With the 3 of Cups: your loneliness will come to an end very soon.


The Hermit and the Coins do not mix very well. This will often mean that money will be lost or income insufficient. With the 5 of Coins: poverty and financial loss. With the 6 of Coins: greed.


A fight that can not be fought due to extreme fatigue, cowardice or weakness. With the Page of Swords: a fascinating and mysterious stranger.

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