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Runes is the ancient Nordic alphabet. It was used by Vikings, Saxons and other Northern Pagan groups before their integration in the Christian civilization and started to use the latin alphabet.


But the Runes (or Futhark) were not just used as an alphabet. Seers and advisors used the Runes to predict the future or ask the Gods for guidance before making an important decision.


Each Rune holds a key message or quality that can be applied to any situation. But, like in Tarot, you need to interpret the message of the Rune and learn this unique and complex language. To do so, you need to familiarize yourself with the meaning of each letter of the Runic alphabet and practice your drawing. I would also recommend reading several books on the subject.

As you build up your knowledge, you’ll be able to associate several Runes and read them together to better understand their advice. And you can start here, with our free Runes drawings.


Below, you will find all  Norse Runes and their definition (in short). Scroll down even more and enjoy free Runes drawing including Odin’s Response, a 3 Runes Drawing and a Celtic Cross.

Discover the meaning of each Rune by hovering over it.


Enjoy several free Norse Runes Readings below.

Just follow the instructions and focus on your questions. Come back as often as you need!



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Advanced Drawing: Make your own spread by deciding how many Runes you want to draw.


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