0 has always been a fascinating and ambiguous number. Just like the Fool in Tarot, a card that flows between light and darkness

The Fool speaks of new beginnings and adventure. A new light will be shed on old things. The Fool is young, lucky and light-hearted.

The Fool is the first card of Tarot but is originally not numbered. Some decks have it marked #0, some traditions consider it the last card of the deck. My advice to you is to decide for yourself based on your instinct and relation with the cards you work with.


An interesting approach is to consider him the protagonist meeting all other characters of the major arcana. Taking a leap of faith, he goes on an introspective journey.

The Fool stands for new beginnings. As he wanders the world, he shows humility in the face of creation and asks himself questions about love, justice, evil and more.


Must know: depending on your deck, the Fool may be more or less shady. In the Rider Waite deck, this card is way lighter and more inviting than in the Marseille Tarot for instance. This can affect your reading and the energy of your spread.


Associated star signs: Air Signs & Scorpio
Element: Air
Season & Time: Autumn – November – Tuesday
Prediction speed: short term (a week, some days)


Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Advice of the Fool: Enjoy the lightness of a moment in time. Don’t take things too seriously and trust in your good fortune.

Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool’s Warning: Think before you act. You might be losing your way by refusing to face reality. It is not a good time to take any risk.


When drawn upright the Fool speaks of new beginnings and adventure. Something new is about to start, something exciting. The unknown is about to reveal itself and new discoveries and encounters are expected.

Keywords: youth, luck, energy, creativity, independence, intuition, innocence, new projects, unexpected changes, decisions, new love.


When drawn reversed the Fool speaks of foolishness, craziness and even mental illness. Wandering without a goal is threatening one’s sanity. This Fool can be a careless, unreliable person.

Keywords: chaos, instability, abandon, stress, excess, utopia, indecision, dangerous trips, bad move, existential crisis, deviance, mischievous personality.

Note: whether reversed or upright, don’t forget the surrounding cards will influence the meaning of the Fool very much and easily turn it into either a problematic or charming figure.

One Question Tarot Reading


Positive meaning: The Fool speaks of new, youthful love. A relationship that can be light or even detached. It may be a fling rather than a serious relation or it could simply be starting on a light, joyous foot. Enjoy the sparks and the butterflies.

Negative meaning: you’re completely wrong about your partner. Beware of a broken heart.


Positive meaning: Looking for new opportunities will be beneficial. A sudden gain is to be expected.

Negative meaning: Don’t be careless. Something hardly legal could be going on. Are you sure your paperworks and declarations are up to date?


Positive meaning: If you are reading for work, the Fool could be warning you about a situation that will not necessarily last but is a step to something more important. Depending on the full spread, a new job might be in the cards for you.

Negative meaning: a bad decision for your career. You’re headed in the wrong direction.


Positive meaning: If the Fool represents an actual person it’s most likely someone sensitive, idealist and open-minded. It could be someone you meet occasionally only. A young (or young at heart) person who is fun to be around.

Negative meaning: an unreliable or unhealthy person. A liar or an addict.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


A leap of faith will be rewarded. It’s the best time to take a chance as you are protected by the universe. Follow your dreams and intuition. Initiation, luck, destiny.


A genius idea is about to or has just struck you. Something is suddenly being understood. Changes are announced. News are coming in. Genius, epiphany, amazing news.


A love affair that will not last, a relationship that has no solid foundations. Crucial choices are being ignored or postponed. A warning that reality must be faced. Childishness, hesitation, inexperience.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


Usually a positive association. Your thoughts are clear and actions can be taken. New starts will be favorable. The Wands usually bring out the light and audacious side of the Fool.


Often a warning about how passion or emotions may blur your vision. Love is blind and some decisions are being made without thinking straight. Crazy, foolish love.


In a positive spread, the Fool and his coins speak of new financial opportunity and gain. In a negative spread: gambling, loss or bad investments.


Usually a strong warning bringing out the darker side of the Fool. Don’t take inconsiderate risks or beware of the consequences. Danger ahead. Accidents. Violence.

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