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empress tarot card meaning
The Empress is full of creative energy. She stands for all the female qualities in motion. She is rational and kind. Beautiful and sharp. Upright or reversed, she is always powerful.
The Empress is quite close to the High Priestess and shares many of her qualities. She is younger though and more active. Her energy is sunny and she sets things into motion.

The Empress is both creative and pro-active. Her presence speaks of work and achievements. Her realm is material and she rules over it with  intelligence and fairness.

She is the card of beauty, material power, intelligence and action. A benevolent and powerful feminine figure.


Associated star signs: Gemini & Virgo
Element: Earth
Season & Time: Spring / Early Summer – Wednesday / Friday
Prediction speed: short/mid term (a few weeks up to a couple of months)

The Advice of the Empress: Act fast and work hard. Success is within reach. Trust a woman who works with you.

The Warning of the Empress: Be more rational, you may be letting passion and instinct guide you. Don’t rely on others at this point.


When drawn upright the Empress speaks of feminine intelligence. She is active and well intended. She acts fast, she communicates well and is practical.

Keywords: clarity, good intuition, important meeting, daughter, sister, friend, wealth, dynamism, friendliness


All the qualities of the Empress turn sour when she is reversed. Her beauty becomes vanity. She stands for superficial thinking, an excess of authority and a lack of empathy.

Keywords: false ally, superficiality, lack of energy, dishonesty, vanity, deceptions, cancellations

One Question Tarot Reading


Positive meaning: A stable relationship or an important encounter. A new relationship is evolving into something serious. Engagement, loyalty.

Negative meaning: lack of communication. Coldness. With the Moon or High Priestess, an unwanted pregnancy.


Positive meaning: Wealth and a comfortable situation. The Empress ensures stable and good income. Good business, salary raise.

Negative meaning: bad management or overspending will lead to serious issues.


Positive meaning: Hard work will be rewarded quickly. A Promotion is expected, exams will be passed. The Empress is a sign of great success in a career.

Negative meaning: creativity is being choked, previsions are not right. A failed exam or interview.


Positive meaning: The Empress is younger than the High Priestess and usually represents a female below 45. A daughter, a niece, a sister or a friend. She is smart and pragmatic.

Negative meaning: A woman you cannot trust. Someone unreliable who is not to be taken seriously.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


2 main options are on the table. A work promotion entirely due to your hard work and achievements. Or a relationship is about to become official (especially if the High Priestess is nearby).


This association usually announces an improvement in a situation related to work, health or finances. This duo speaks of one’s capacity to adapt and evolve.


This association is everything you want to see in a spread about love: perfect harmony, finding one’s soulmate, happiness. For work, this would announce exceptional success.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


Tarot Cards Meaning Wands
Usually a message about work and self realization. Success through hard work. A woman at the peak of her career. Reversed: actions that lead to negative consequences. Too much self-confidence or authority become destructive.


Tarot Cards Meaning Cups
Balanced emotions are guiding one’s steps. Depending on the # Cups, we could be looking at a female relative. Reversed: a mean female relative, a woman whose world is upside down.


Tarot Cards Meaning Coins
In a positive spread: a brilliant business woman and a leader at work. A good financial situation is guaranteed. Reversed: loss and bad management.


Tarot Cards Meaning Swords
Similar to the High Priestess & Swords applying to a younger woman. A strong and highly intelligent figure who can be harsh. Reversed / with Queen of swords: a widow, a woman of great sorrow.

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