Emperor Tarot Card Meaning

The Emperor speaks of practical things. He stands for dynamism, stability and authority. This card is about lasting and serious situations.

The Emperor rules over the material and pragmatic world. He stands for the best masculine qualities. His energy is sunny and full. Sometimes overwhelming.

This card is welcome if you wish for a situation to be or become serious and long lasting. The Emperor is a long term card holding messages of vigour, reliability and justice.

He usually represents an influent man who has to power to make things happen. Do not make him your enemy.

In a reading, he often represents the sitter’s partner or the sitter himself when reading for man.

Associated star signs: Leo & Sagittarius 
Element: Fire
Season & Time: Summer & Winter – August / December – Thursday/Sunday
Prediction speed: long term

Emperor Tarot Card MeaningThe Advice of the Emperor:  Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Someone in a higher position could be your strongest ally.

Emperor Tarot Card MeaningThe Warning of the Emperor: Don’t be impatient or too arrogant. Show more humility and don’t lose your temper. A warning against a man in your life.

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When drawn upright the Emperor speaks of justice, loyalty or an influent ally. A man is working with you and will use his power to improve your situation. A man in your life you can rely on.

Keywords: strength, balance, stability, victory, a protector, practical sens, positive authority, tradition



All the qualities of the Emperor disappear when he is reversed. This influent ally becomes a dangerous enemy. A punishment or sentence may be expected. A project will fail or be unsatisfying.

Keywords: fluctuations, failure, impatience, immaturity, laziness, indecision, weakness


Positive meaning: a strong and reliable partner. A solid relationship and intense feelings. A strong male figure is keeping things together.

Negative meaning: a harsh or violent partner, out of control situation. A weak and unreliable man.


Positive meaning: a solution to a financial issue will be found. Inheritance, gain. Time to invest in real estate.

Negative meaning: commercial loss, poor management and weak investments.


Positive meaning: Your position at work is becoming solid. Things are stable and looking good. Exams, travel, contracts will have a positive outcome.

Negative meaning: conflict at work or failure of a project due to a lack of influence/protection.


Positive meaning: A strong and reassuring masculine figure (father, brother, husband) with truly good intentions. A manager, a man of science. This person is on the questioner’s side.

Negative meaning: a brutal and despotic man. An inflexible boss or a family member causing suffering.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


This association usually speaks of high hopes and work rewarded. A business is being consolidated and is promised to growth and success. In a love spread: a relationship is cosmically protected.


At best, we are looking at a passionate relationship only based on physical attraction. Most likely: a destructive, painful and unbalanced relationship where a male figure is being abusive.


This association often announces an important and tempting business offer especially if Justice or the Magician are nearby. You need to find the right ally and work as a team to achieve your goals.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


Positive meanings: professionalism and competency. A reliable person, great at what they do. Negative meanings: an enemy at work, a colleague you cannot trust.


A great love is often the message of this association. Feelings are stronger than anything else. Reversed/ Negative: a treason at home, a cheating partner.


In a positive spread: victory and material well-being. This person controls the situation thanks to their financial advantages. Negative: a business failing due to bad decisions.


Positive meanings: a fight could be coming to an end. One’s capacity to resist in difficult times. Negative: arguments and violence. With the 2 of Swords: a violent argument between 2 men.

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