Devil Tarot Card Meaning

The Devil is a bizarre and often frightening card. It speaks of passions. The kind that chain the human spirit, hurt the soul and even the body. It is above all the card of sex and money.


The Devil is also the card of materialism, power, ambition and wealth. All elements of life that were considered evil when Tarot was first invented.


Still today, this card speaks of the temptations and impulses that bring pain and dependence. It is the card of abuse, emotional suffering, addictions and danger. But it is also the card of high energy (including sexual energy), instinct, intensity and charisma.


Just like the Tower or the Hanged Man, the Devil’s negative meanings are lessened when drawn reversed.

Associated star signs: Scorpio & Capricorn
Element: Earth
Season & Time: Autumn – November / early December – Tuesday
Prediction speed: mid-term (effects over several months)

Devil Tarot Card MeaningThe Advice of The Devil: don’t let flattery blind you. Be aware of the dangers that surround you. Someone ear you is not trustworthy.

Devil Tarot Card MeaningThe Warning of The Devil: trust no one. There may be a very important problem in your relationship. Someone is bound to hurt or betray you.

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UPRIGHT MEANINGS (negative meanings)

The Devil speaks of troubled relationships, jealousy, abuse, sexual dominance and cheating. If this card represents your current partner, a drastic change or separation is the only way out. At work or in your social life, someone is working against you.

Keywords: abuse, lies, cheating, wickedness, cruelty, exploitation, arrogance, sadism, violence, madness

REVERSED MEANINGS (positive meanings)

When reversed and/or balanced by a positive spread, the Devil mostly speaks of material things. The meaning of the spread then depends mostly on the other cards. An intimacy issue will be overcome. A person with charisma is attracting you. Financial opportunities suddenly arise and must be taken. A bad relationship is coming to an end.

Keywords: physical strength, surgery, instinct, charisma, magnetism, relief, mysterious forces, materialism, luck

LOVE – Positive meaning: a relationship based on passion and lust. Expect intense sexual activity. An affair. A fascinating partner. The end of a relationship no longer wanted. Negative meanings: treasons and lies are at the heart of your relationship. An unhealthy partner who will bring nothing but pain. Definitive break up.

FINANCES – Positive meanings: the Devil has no shame when it comes to money and when your spread is mostly positive, the Devil announces more income, more gains, more wealth. In a negative spread expect fraud, traps, lies and even illegal activity.

WORK – In a positive spread, the Devil stands for an inalterable ambition that will get you far. Nothing can and nothing will stop your ascent. Expect very big successes and rewards (including financial). Your work is recognized by others. In a negative spread: ruthless criticism, an enemy at work, unhealthy competition. Promises are not being kept.

PERSON – At best, the Devil represents a lover who is very intense. Or a Scorpio in your life. At worst, a dangerous enemy who will hurt you. It may be a partner at work who will betray you or a loved one who is cheating and lying. Someone you love may be in big trouble.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


If the Devil is reversed or balanced by powerful and positive cards, then a very sudden and positive change is about to happen, most likely at work. There will be no going back. If upright: a major problem at work.


The Devil and the Fool make for an unhappy association. It speaks of substance abuse and alcoholism. Someone has completely lost their way and may even be in danger. Fear is leading the game.


If the Devil is reversed, then this association announces a brand new relationship. If you are with someone, it will not last, but you will not stay alone. If the Devil is not reversed, a woman in great trouble.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


The Devil & the Wands often speak of avidity, violence and arguments. With the Page of Wands: a traitor. With the 9 of Wands: greed. With the 5 of Wands: pettiness.


When the Devil is followed or surrounded by Cups it usually means trouble in your love life. Unhealthy and unbalanced sexuality. Vice. Abuse. With the Ace of Cups: physical passion. With the 2 of Cups: bisexuality.


When reversed or in a positive spread, then the Devil & the Coins can speak of power, wealth and riches. In a negative spread, they speak of theft, greed and crooks. With the 8 of Coins: criminal activity.


This is usually an association you would not want to see. Often a message of pain, injuries (physical or emotional) and aggression. With the 4 of Swords: loss of a loved one. With the 5 of Swords: addiction, substance abuse. With the King of Swords: dangerous malevolence.

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