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death tarot card meaningThe 13th card of Tarot, often feared and misunderstood, can be surprisingly beneficial. Don’t judge a card by its name: Death is, above all, the card of new beginnings and rebirth.


While the card of Death sometimes holds messages of painful endings, it also carries a message of hope. Something may be lost forever but something new is about to begin. A seed has been planted.

On many versions of this card, flowers and plants are growing on the devastated land. In the horizon the sun is coming up: the hardest part is over.

No major transformation can come easily and a new page in life always involves challenges. Death calls for faith and the hope that life will take you where you need to be.

It is not an easy card, but definitely not as dark as what it seems at first.


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Associated star signs: Scorpio – Capricorn
Element: Water
Season & Time: Autumn / Early Winter – November – Tuesday / Saturday
Prediction speed: sudden changes with long term effects 

The Advice of Death: accept changes for they will allow you to grow. Your current situation is not sustainable.

The Warning of Death: don’t rush into new ventures. The time is not right for changes.

Note: some readers will use an upright Death to see its negative messages and a reversed Death for the positive ones. I personally read it like any other card, upright being mostly good and reversed usually more difficult.

Always trust your intuition based on how the card personally speaks to you.


Death is the card of changes. Good or bad but as necessary as inevitable. A deep transformation will occur and a new day will start. We could be looking at a liberating break up, the end of a contract that was not satisfying or the will to start life anew on solid foundations. In all cases, Death already speaks of what comes after the crisis and not the crisis itself (like the Tower). It is therefore a card, which usually brings a sense of relief.

Keywords: changes, endings, progress, disaster avoided, strength, a new era, transformation, a lesson learned


In a negative spread or position, Death speaks of most difficult changes. And ending that you are not ready to accept. A break up that is not wanted by one of the partners. It’s the inability to deal with the inevitable evolution of things. With heavy cards in the spread such as the Tower, the Fool or a reversed Chariot, we could well be looking at accidents, physical injuries, serious danger.

Keywords: danger, denial, hurt, injuries, death, accidents, violence, loss, mistakes, break up


Positive meaning: a deep change in a relationship for the better. A new love is about to start. Some time spent alone will prove to be highly beneficial.

Negative meaning: a sudden break up, an unwanted separation. A hopeless love.


Positive meaning: inheritance. Benefits coming from someone else’s loss. A new way of managing your finances. A new start thanks to a change of fortune.

Negative meaning: a source of income is no longer available. Sudden and definitive financial loss.


Positive meaning: a project comes to an end with a positive outcome after a series of bumps in the road. A possible total change of career orientation.

Negative meaning: the card can speak of sudden unemployment, a business closing down. An exam failed or a painful change of direction.


Positive meaning: An outsider. Someone who is starting their life over after painful events.

Negative meaning: a violent or cruel person, a killer, a maniac, someone deeply depressed.

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Cards Association with the Major Arcana


Very positive changes ahead. You may not control the situation and it’s totally fine. Let the universe carry you, everything will be alright. If Judgement is nearby then you can expect some very good news or the favourable answer you were hoping for.


Some difficult feelings need to be dealt with. You are afraid of what tomorrow may bring and you live in the past. Deep changes must occur. This association also speaks of nightmares and ancient fears.


A new love in your future. A relationship may change completely or a new partner will be met soon. Big changes and a solid relationship ahead.

With a positive Wand card (4 of Wands for example): a crisis at work is overcome.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


Tarot Cards Meaning WandsOption one, your current situation at work is not satisfying at all. A change is needed and inevitable, you have reached your limits. Option 2: you are about to take your career in a whole new direction. With the 4 of Wands (and a positive spread): a professional crisis will be overcome.


Tarot Cards Meaning CupsChanges in matters of the heart. If reversed or with reversed cups, it announces the end of a love story. With the 6 of Cups, a love that will not last. With the 3 of Cups: a deep change that will bring happiness. Cups and Death may be speaking of health issues too. With positive cards: healing and recovery (soul and body).


Tarot Cards Meaning Coins

Death and Coins are often a negative association.
Loss is usually the message.
With the Ace of Coins: an inheritance. With the 5 of Coins: very serious financial issues.
With the 9 of Coins: debt.


Tarot Cards Meaning Swords

A difficult association and often a scary sight, Swords and Death speak of difficult endings and painful beginnings. With the 2 of Swords: the end of a troubled relationship or unbearable situation. With the 6 of Swords: you’re starting all over. With 10 of Swords: a funeral.

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