Empowering Life Coaching

The idea of Tarot coaching came to me after reading the cards for over 15 years for clients around the world.

Because the essence of Tarot – the way I approach it – is to provide help and guidance. It is not to tell you what is going to happen and leave you there. Like a judge sentencing you to this or that without giving you an option.



You always have an option. You always have a choice.



Associating the art of coaching with Tarot is maybe the most natural idea that ever came to me. And I am happy to offer you this service, no matter where you are based, through video sessions. My goal has always been and always remains for you to SEE CLEARER AND FEEL BETTER.

tarot coaching

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My coaching sessions are built in a way that serves you as a unique individual. After your session is booked, I will send you a form to help assess the areas of your life that need to be looked into. This allows us to jump right into it and get you the most of the time we have together.


A session usually takes up to 75min with a 5min break. These are very intense and we will go very deep. Make sure to have time, get yourself a warm cup of tea or coffee and get comfortable.

Overview of your coaching session


How do you feel right now and what questions are on your mind
We will dive deep into the causes of your issues to unroot the negative and limiting beliefs that are blocking you
Tarot cards will be used as a support to dive into the origins of the problems and offer solutions (this is not a regular Tarot Reading session)
We’ll make a clear plan together on the next steps you need to take to feel better and take back control of your life


Real talk only. High vibes only!

Let's make it happen!

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Your coaching session is pure self-care time. Make it a special moment for yourself.

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