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The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning



The Chariot is the card of triumph, victory and control.

You are making things happen, you control the situation. It’s the card of self-confidence and success.

You are the one in charge and the spotlights are on you.


The Chariot is often considered the card of travel (especially in specific associations). This card is full of hope for the present and future: to overcome any obstacle but also to evolve and grow.

The Chariot is a powerful card and whether drawn upright or reversed: it strongly affects all the cards in the spread for better or for worse.



Associated star signs: Cancer (sometimes Sagittarius too)
Element: Water
Season & Time: Winter – December – Tuesday / Thursday
Prediction speed: fast action / short-term



The Advice of The Chariot: be brave and fight for what you know is right. Fortune favours the bold. Stop thinking, start acting.

The Warning of The Chariot: Control your emotions and your actions. Don’t let your passions be your guide. A strong warning that you may be on the wrong path.

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The Chariot speaks of victory and success in the most tangible way. Your work will be rewarded if not awarded. Your actions will lead to improving your situation. It almost always guarantees a positive outcome for any question.

Keywords: control, strength, power, travel, action, triumph, success, good fortune, balance


In a negative spread or reversed, the Chariot is a formidable warning that danger is just around the corner. If you are planning to travel, be extra careful. In matters of love or work, a failure, accident or sudden obstacle is coming your way. You may not be in control of your emotions. Don’t be irrational.

Keywords: accidents, failure, irrational thinking, conflicts, stubbornness, being let down


Positive meaning: a relationship is evolving into something more solid. Exciting encounters if you are single. Your partner helps you be your best self.

Negative meaning: insatisfaction that often leads to a break up. Unhappiness and possible cheating.


Positive meaning: A business managed intelligently and efficiently. Exchanges, exports/imports and partnerships are favoured.

Negative meaning: Excess, bad planning. Unpaid debts and commercial loss ahead.


Positive meaning: Expect a promotion or a success to make you the star of your company/industry. Competitions and awards are won, your work is acclaimed.

Negative meaning: your attitude will lead to serious conflicts at work. A project is about to hit the wall. Giving up on a challenge or quitting a position in bad terms.


Positive meaning: a stranger or foreigner who will bring new riches into your life. A reliable associate, someone who will support your personal success.

Negative meaning: an enemy actively working against you.

Cards Association with the Major Arcana


Your wishes will come true very fast and fate is on your side. New opportunities arise and success is guaranteed. Reversed: you are stuck due to external elements getting in the way.


A decision is long overdue. Now is the time to make up your mind and stick to your decision. You have been thinking long enough. Someone may be expecting your answer urgently.


Now is the time to take risks. Big risks. You will be rewarded. The stars are aligned and the universe is protecting you. Business, love, work, whatever your project and which aspect of your life it concerns: go for it.

Cards Association with the Minor Suits


Tarot Cards Meaning Wands
A moment that is favorable to action and travel. Don’t stay in, put yourself out there. The Chariot with the 10 of Wands: a very good surprise!


Tarot Cards Meaning Cups
Inspiration and creativity are favoured. Luck in matters of the heart. Your relationship is blooming. If you are single, you will meet someone perfect for you.


Tarot Cards Meaning Coins

A successful business run by an intelligent leader. You must travel and communicate a lot to consolidate your business but the results will make it all worthwhile. With the Ace of Coins: spectacular luck.


Tarot Cards Meaning Swords

This association, when upright, usually speaks of urgency. Something must be done fast. Certain associations may speak of accidents and hurt. With the Ace of Swords: bad news coming from afar.

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