Book Your Tarot Reading with Me

Hi, I’m Lou. I read Tarot with love and patience here in my Tarot Parlor. Each session is crafted around your needs and questions.

Whether you got love, career, growth or really anything on your mind, just ask. This is a safe place free of judgement.

High vibes only.

And if you are unsure before you book, do not hesitate to contact me directly. I also offer white magick spells for love, good luck and more.


At first I was a bit hesitant to ask for this reading but eventually sure enough to go for it. She took her time, did a reading for each life then listened to my questions carefully for each of them. It was intense and very interesting. Definitely a next step in Tarot reading for me. Thank you Louise!!


Had a recent reading and she was very accurate. She is the real deal and will definitely go again. Thanks for the clarity.