Use Tarot Cards to Manifest What You Want

Use Tarot Cards to Manifest What You Want


We all want to manifest things into our lives. Is that compatible at all with Tarot readings? Absolutely! And it gets better: you can use Tarot cards to manifest what you want. How does it work? It really is simple.


Tarot is all about energy. So is the law of attraction and the very principle of manifestation. Tarot does nothing but read your energy and connect with the ones around you to predict what is being attracted, what is already in motion. Some things are so very much in motion and aligned with you that they are inevitable. That’s how predictions are brought to us.

But most things can be changed or at least rectified after they happen. This is why I always say that Tarot and free will are very much compatible. Tarot is just your bonus guide and helper on the way to what you want.



Use Tarot Cards to Manifest What You Want



Whatever you’re trying to manifest, be it a person into your life, a more substantial income or a new job, a Tarot card can be associated with your wish. There are two main ways of doing this. Using cards that came up in a reading associated with your manifestation (if you’ve had one) or a card that you feel represents your desire.


Manifest Using a Card from a Reading


If you’ve had a reading and a card popped up representing your desire or giving you good news, that’s the one. For instance, let’s say you want your ex back and asked the cards if he would return. The Sun was your answer. Beautiful, the cards say yes he will. That’s the card you’ll be using to meditate and focus your energy on. This card will help you set your vibrations right where they should be. (Scroll down for how to do that).

It’s totally fine to use two cards if you connect better that way. For example if you’ve asked about a new job and the cards told you’d get it through someone with an association such as the Empress and the 8 of Pentacles. Those are your cards.


Manifest Using a Card of Your Choosing


If you have not used Tarot to read about your desire and choose to manifest without asking for predictions, you’ll have to pick a card. That’s totally fine and it can help you avoid fears creeping in if the cards have anything negative to say.

Ask yourself which card best represents what you’re shooting for. A few associations could be the Page of Pentacles if you’re trying to manifest money, the Emperor if you’re manifesting a new man into your life, the Two of Cups if you’re manifesting love in general, the Sun for a reconciliation or Judgement for a message. You get the gist.


Most cards have their associations by default (astrological signs, places, professions etc.) but it is important that you relate on a deeper level. It has to make sense for you. Feel free to be creative. One way to do that is to lay the cards on the table, face up and focus on your wish. See which card calls to you. It might not be the one your Tarot book tells you to pick. But it’s the right one.




use tarot to manifest
The Ace of Cups is the Holy Grail and can apply to all kinds of wishes and desires


How to Use a Tarot Card in Your Manifestation Process

Using the law of attraction to manifest things is magic 101. That’s not to say it’s easy – especially when you’re a beginner. But once you get it, things start to flow. Tools can be very useful and don’t need to be expensive or even new. A pen and paper can work wonders. So can a Tarot card. Here are different ways to use one in your process after you’ve made your choice:


  • Tape it on your wall, by your bed or by your front door (so you see it when you wake up/go to sleep or every time you get in and out)
  • Add it to your Vision Board
  • Use it as a point of focus during your meditations and affirmations


The way I do it is I tape my card in my bedroom, usually after a positive feeling during a reading. I will then use it as a point of focus before I dive into visualisation. It’s a simple add on to any manifestation process, it has a lot of power when the reading told you you’d be successful. Because every time you look at the card you remember that Tarot also predicted your manifestation. This can really help you keep faith, which is sometimes the hardest part of the process – especially for bigger manifestation, which can take a little longer to happen.



No matter your preferred way of doing it, just keep at it and never lose faith. Live in the moment, trust the Universe and be grateful. If you truly want something to happen and know it in your heart to be right, no force on this earth can stop you. But some, like your beloved deck, can help. Good luck on your journey, I hope this little tip helps your dream come true 

Below is a video explaining one specific technique I use to boost my manifestations using just one card:

If you have ever used Tarot to manifest or have other tips you’d like to share to help the process, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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