Top 3 Tarot Decks for 2017 – Why to Look Forward to Them

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Top 3 Tarot Decks for 2017 – Why to Look Forward to Them

Looking Forward to these Top 3 Tarot Decks for 2017

There are many things to look forward to at the beginning of a new year. The first flowers next Spring, the Summer holidays, achieving important projects…

But one thing I really look forward to is adding new decks to my Tarot collection. Here’s a (totally personal and subjective) Top 3 Tarot Decks to look forward to in 2017.



I have been following the making of this deck in the last few months and it is probably the one I am the most excited to unpack.

What I love about this deck (so far!) is the unique, high quality design. It’s simply like no other deck out there and yet it already feels classic. The cards look both soft and powerful. They are full of vibrant colours that will definitely enrich readings for both guidance and predictions.

Animals play a central part in this deck, especially in the minor arcana. All revealing their messages and addressing our intuition. Racoons, birds, foxes and cats meet dragons and angels. And it makes perfect sense. Some decks get crazy with fantasy imagery without really adding much to what we already have with classic representation. Sometimes adding nothing but confusion really. But it’s really clear that the Ostara Tarot is a well-thought deck. Each card is a work of art: rich yet clear, complex yet approachable. Just look at the Hermit above. All the key elements are there: the darkness and the light, the cold environment (intellect), the solitude. And the glowing mushrooms are a really nice addition to this card (hallucinations, experimenting with the mind, shining light in the dark).

I am sure this deck has the potential to become a classic and a must have.

Discover the artwork of the Ostara Tarot on tumblr . You can also pre-order the deck on amazon.

Availability: April 2017




I love naive imagery in Tarot. While I often turn to the Marseille deck for professional readings, softer and rounder illustrations tend to work really well with the art of Tarot. This deck is a little naive, in a very good way. It is pure, simple and very approachable. It will definitely be easy to read for beginners while appealing to advanced and professional readers too. The artist, Cathy McClelland, did an amazing job with the colours. Just look at the blue on the High Priestess card above.

There is definitely a strong feminine energy linked to these drawings and it somehow reminds me of one of my favourite decks: the Tarot of a Moon Garden. Darkness and light co-exist on almost each card, playing on oppositions and cosmic connections. This one is on my list and will probably work really good for guidance and self-help readings as well as sessions focusing on love.

“Nature and the mystery of the universe play a big part with my inspiration. I like to weave the two together in my creations, hoping to inspire others to enjoy the beauty of nature and the wonderful creatures around us.” Cathy McClelland

You can learn more about this deck on McClelland’s website or pre-order it on amazon.

Availability: May 2017




If you are into Art Nouveau and already enjoyed the Tarot Mucha, I’m sure you will love this deck immediately. It is a beauty.

The Ethereal Visions deck will work perfectly for those looking for non-agressive and non-ambiguous imagery. Faithful to the tradition of Art Nouveau, the artist Matt Hughes used softer colours and made plenty of space for flowers and curves. Each card strongly relies on one main colour, which will probably help clarify readings, especially for beginners. Some new decks tend to mix too many colours per card, Hughes chose to focus and I can only support that.

The Ethereal Visions cards also remain faithful to the original Tarot structure by focusing on one character per card and leaving plenty of room for your intuition and imagination.

A highly appealing deck and one to add to your shopping list this year!

Little Bonus: on top of the 78 regular cards, this deck comes with 6 “secret cards”. Enough to make one curious.

This deck is 100% funded on Kickstarter. You can preview and pre-order the Ethereal Visions deck on Kickstarter.

Availability: May 2017


Special Mention: The Monstarot

This deck, by Joanna Nelson, also available for pre-order on Kickstarter, is probably not one for starters and neither appropriate for professional readings. Nevertheless, it’s bold enough to be noticed and added to a collection with its parade of friendly monsters calling to our inner child. It may even be a good introduction to Tarot for actual children as the illustrations on this deck could well be found in a children’s book. Definitely an interesting and refreshing approach!

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