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Summer Tarot Reading Tutorial

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If you follow my blog, you probably know that I’m a big fan of the Victorian Fairy Tarot. One thing I love to use this deck for is the Herald’s Welcome. This quick, easy spread is a seasonal reading that will provide you with an inspiring sneak peak into the season ahead. The Solstice will take place in one day, let’s have a tarot reading for the Summer! (And don’t worry, if you read this after the Solstice you can still do and enjoy this spread)


How to do the Summer Tarot Reading


First, create a bright, summery environment for the reading. Place flowers on your table, use a yellow cloth to lay the cards on…anything that will make you feel the energy of Summer.


Then, find the Herald of Summer in your deck (or simply replace him with the Page of Cups if you are using a different set of cards) and right below place 3 cards that you will have carefully picked.



summer tarot reading tutorial



Card 1 announces what will bloom: what potential of yours can be best put to use this season?

Card 2 announces the fruit that you will gather come Autumn time. In other words, what will start and what should you nurture, take care of?

Card 3 reveals the element of heat: what will enable the blooming and fruition?


This spread is both joyful and insightful. It works best with the Victorian Fairy Tarot but other decks connected to nature (Wildwood Tarot, Druid Animal Oracle, Tarot of a Moon Garden…) can perfectly do the job. Follow your intuition.


Happy Summer!


How will you celebrate the Summer Solstice? Leave a comment below to share your ideas

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