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Happy New Year from Lou

Happy New Year! Wherever you are, whoever you are, no matter how blessed or challenging 2019 has been (or both?), here’s to a joyful 2020. And what better time than a brand new year for a Tarot reading? Also, time for a very personal message from me.


From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful for every person reaching out, every sitter coming to me, every visit on this blog…it’s truly humbling and I am overjoyed with everything Tarot and TarotParlor has brought me. So here are a few things I wanted to share with you as a new decade offers itself to us with limitless possibilities.


Time for a New Year Tarot reading?

Yes. But first:


Oh my Goodness….it’s a new decade! How blessed are we all to witness the star of a brand new decade? Infinitely. I am so pumped about this one and I hope you are too.

New Year can be a time for contemplation, sometimes a bitter sweet moment for us. We think about what we experienced, lost or worked for during the past year. No matter what you left behind or gained, I truly want you to look on the bright side because we are all heroes here. YOU are a hero!

We made it so far and we create new opportunities every day. Opportunities for growth, for healing, for surprises…for luck and happiness  ✨


During my time as a Tarot Reader I have learned so much and that is the greatest gifts of all. I’ve learned about fate, free will and the fantastic power of the human mind and heart. That’s why I want to tell you something very simple today, something I’ve learned and know to be a fact:



Read that again.


Yes, I’m a Tarot reader. I’m a fortune teller. I trust my cards and I believe them. I know they never lie. But what do they do? Tell you that something is set in stone and leave you to deal with the aftermath? Certainly not. They translate energies, they tell you what path you’re on.

What else?

They leave doors open for you to correct, rectify and manifest what you desire most truly in your heart (more about Tarot and Free Will in this updated blog post).

So what’s the point of this post? To truly wish you a Happy 2020. A happy decade. To remind you that you are the painter and your life is your own canvas, it belongs to no one else. Be grateful and ready for more blessings, I do know in my heart that they are coming for you. Let them in.


With much love & warm Blessings,
Lou  ✨

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