Halloween Tarot Spread Tutorial – the Pumpkin

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Halloween Tarot Spread Tutorial – the Pumpkin


I wanted to celebrate the magical harvest season and the golden shades of Fall with some special Tarot readings. I let nature and tradition inspire the shapes and meanings of these readings to make them as deep and interesting as possible. That’s how I decided to start with a Pumpkin Halloween Tarot Spread Tutorial which will be followed by 3 more spreads including a bat and a black cat.




The Pumpkin is the first Halloween Tarot spread tutorial in a series of 4 that I’ll share with you up to the 31st of the month.

With only 5 cards, this spread focuses on helping you grow. As big and strong as a pumpkin!


Obviously, if you own the Halloween Tarot deck, use it for this spread to add more seasonal flavour to your reading. The Black Cats Tarot works also very well.

But by any means, any of your favourite decks can be used to realize this spread, no need to break the bank.


Halloween Tarot Spread Tutorial - the Pumpkin
Halloween Tarot Spread Tutorial – the Pumpkin



First of all, try and do your reading in a quiet, dedicated environment to get best results.

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, try to do the reading in a room where the music isn’t blasting and people can focus a little more.


Use all the cards in the deck for this spread. Mix them well and lay out all trumps on the table in front of you. With your left hand, choose 5 cards and place them like on the picture above. To form a pumpkin.

While placing each card, call out what they represent based on the list below.


Then turn them around one by one and proceed to the interpretation.


1st Card: Seeds: your level of growth.

This card shows where you really stand right now. Good or bad? Is your growth being blocked by an obstacle or are you enjoying a favorable time?


2nd & 3rd Card: The Fertilizer. What makes you grow.

These 2 cards stand for things that you should cherish or do more of. Focus on these 2 cards and try to understand what is their main advice. Focusing on the aspects of your life outlined by 2 & 3 will help you grow better and faster.

4th Card: The little rock. What needs to be avoided.

This card is a warning against something that is trying to get in the way of your growth. Try and recognize the person or thing behind this card and avoid them/it at any cost.

5th Card: Maturation: the next step to take.

This card tells you what to do next and what to focus on to become the best version of yourself. Try to take this advice and apply it to your every day life. Whether it is to be less materialistic, to become a better listener or work harder on your craft.


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