Ghost Tarot Spread Tutorial – A Halloween Custom Layout

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Ghost Tarot Spread Tutorial – A Halloween Custom Layout

Ghost Tarot Spread – Tutorial for a Perfect Halloween Reading


This year, all through October, I’ll share with you a new Halloween tutorial each week. And after the Pumpkin comes the Ghost! The Ghost Tarot spread is all about unveiling the things that haunt your mind.

How can we finally see what is invisible to the eye? Through Tarot of course.


But beware, no matter how sweet and fun the ghost shape may be, this spread will reveal much more than you might expect. It is very powerful and to the point. Be ready to be amazed by its revelations. Boooohooooh







How to Read the Halloween Ghost Tarot Spread


First, always make sure you’re in a good, quiet environment to do your reading. Feeling relaxed and ready? Time for the Ghost spread to reveal the things that you were missing or denying until now.

The Ghost spread will shed light on the invisible. This means that these cards could well surprise us more than usual and an effort may be required to really acknowledge and understand their message. But once we do, this reading works like a charm and really helps us grow.


For this spread, you’ll need all 78 cards. Mix them well and place them in front of you, face down. Pick 6 cards without flipping them and call out their meaning as you draw them.

Place the cards just like on the picture above in the shape of a ghost.


Card 1: Your secret

You may have more than one secret. But this is the one playing an active role in your life right now. Do you recognize it? What does it say about you?


Card 2: A secret kept from you

This is the main thing that is not being said to you. Think about where it could be coming from. Work? Family? Friends? Do you have suspicions or doubts that this may relate to?


Card 3: Consequences of these 2 secrets together

The fact that these 2 specific secrets come up in the reading is not a coincidence. Ask yourself: What do they have in common? (maybe they both have to do with work or money). Which aspect of your life do they both affect? Maybe they both affect the trust between you and a specific person, a family member or colleague.


Card 4: What needs to be revealed

Something that needs to be put out in the open. This is it. Confront the person you think is hiding a secret from you or come clean. If this card echoes to the first one, then you are the one who needs to come clean first.


Card 5+ 6: The Revelation

The 5th card is a revelation. What is being hidden from you. The 6th card tells you how to deal with it.

These two cards will give you guidance on what to do next. How should you come clean or how should you confront someone? Maybe you should wait and let that person come to you. Maybe you need to have a difficult and honest conversation. The cards will show you the best way out!


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