The Halloween Bat Tarot Spread

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The Halloween Bat Tarot Spread

The Halloween Bat Tarot Spread

Today I’d like to share my brand new Halloween Bat Tarot spread tutorial as part of my Halloween Special treats!
All through October, I’ll share with you a free weekly tutorial for Tarot readings that will be perfect to share during your Halloween party or simply enjoy while watching the leaves fall outside your window.


The Bat spread will help you spread your wings.


This reading is very easy to learn and can be done for yourself and friends, ideally around the Halloween season. Lots of fun and enlightenment guaranteed.

Of course I recommend using the Halloween Tarot but if you don’t own it no worries, your usual deck will work just fine.




Halloween Bat Tarot Spread





Got your mug and maybe a couple of friends around the table? Time for your Bat spread!

Re-discover your strengths, face the weights that are keeping you down and be ready to spread your wings again.

Mix all 78 cards well and place them on the table, face down.

Pick 7 cards and place them like on the picture above, calling out their meaning according to the list below and without flipping them.


1st Card: Your strength. What keeps you going. What makes your endurance

This card reveals your main quality or strength, the one that drives you and makes you special. Learn to cherish it and use it as a secret weapon in everything you do.


2nd & 3rd Card: The Weight. What pins you to the down or keeps you from flying as high as you really could

There are things we can’t control, but what we can do, is somewhat control how much they affect us. These 2 cards ask you to honestly look at the things that are not good for you, these are burdens, they need to be let go off.


4th & 5th Card: What keeps you balanced

These 2 cards reveal who or what’s on your side. Friends, family or special qualities you hold help you keep your balance. If you’re feeling worried or confused, hold on to these precious allies and remember to make the most of them.


6th Card: How to fly again

These 2 cards together reveal the next steps you need to take to spread your wings. How to fly again tells you how to take back control of your life, how to act and what to focus on to feel better.


Card 7: Next immediate step

The next immediate step is a direct advice, telling you what to do next, right now, to be your lighter self again.


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