Tarot Fact #2: Free Will

One common subject of argument and objection to Tarot is Free Will. I often hear, from people who are not fan of the discipline “yes, but what about free will?”. They even get angry sometimes at the thought that everything is pre-destined and written and that Tarot and fortune telling would imply that there is no…

The Tarot Newbie’s Guide

(Updated Post) If you are a Tarot Newbie: Welcome! I hope you can find lots of inspiration and information on this little blog of mine. I try to mix things up enough to speak to readers of all levels with simple tutorials, deck reviews and reading tips. But I thought a little article about how…

Tarot Fact #1

It takes years to master the art of Tarot properly. For me, reading Tarot is like learning to speak another language where letters are replaced with formulas, symbols and colours.


Tarot is no witchcraft. It’s a skill and a talent that requires learning and practicing. Tarot is like playing the piano really!