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Birth Chart Tarot Reading Available Now




Tarot is my first true love. But it has always been directly tied to astrology in my mind. And it was just about time I’d finally combine both in a unique birth chart tarot reading that not only looks at your full natal chart but associates guidance and predictions from the deck too.

I started learning the craft from a young age mixing astrology and Tarot in every reading. My mother taught me how to read and how which cards were associated with which signs. I soon developed my own way of looking for clues in numbers and symbols.


Today, I am still passionate about both. Guessing someone’s rising sign or Mars is one of my favorite thing to do when I meet someone. Because you will learn so much more than through any first interview kind of conversation simply by knowing how they react to stress and why they come across a certain way. And there is so much more to a chart.



Tarot and Birth Chart Reading – A Guide for Life


This new reading starts with your birth chart analysis. I then combine Tarot cards with your placements before proceeding to a Destiny Reading for guidance and predictions. My friends and family have been testing this monster* reading for a few months with me now. Their feedback has been nothing but amazing. I hope you will love it too.


(I call it a monster reading because the final report is a small book of about 30 pages that’s all about you)


It is my most complete signature reading to date. I am so very excited to share it and offer it to you now. Understanding your key placements and what they mean for your love life, career and general behaviour is life changing. I have seen eyes open so wide in shock because I would explain to someone how one placement was affecting their stress management ability, their sexual preferences or why they are tough people who still cry at random times. It’s called clarity. And clarity brings power.

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