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Spring meditation tarot tutorial

Spring Meditation Tarot Tutorial

Spring Meditation Tarot Tutorial Tarot and seasonality. One of my favourite topics in the world! I’m always excited to welcome a new season with a dedicated spread. A Spring meditation tarot tutorial felt just right this week. After all, it is the most exciting seasons of all: Nature awakens, we make new plans, hope is…

things not to ask tarot

Things Not to Ask Tarot

Things Not to Ask Tarot There is an entire mythology built around Tarot. One common mistake is to think that a Tarot session will solve all your problems and give you precise dates about everything that happens next. If anything in the world could solve a person’s problem in 60 minutes, this would be known…

Pentacles in Tarot

Pentacles in Tarot

Pentacles in Tarot I was working on some associations one Summer afternoon when the Ace of Pentacles caught my eye. Then more Pentacles. I put all other cards away and realised it was time to talk about the minor suits. Starting with the Pentacles. Pentacles in Tarot (like all minor cards) will pop up to…

self love tarot spread tutorial

Self Love Tarot Spread Tutorial – Happy Valentines to Myself!

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I wanted to celebrate Love. The most important kind, which is self love. I am a firm believer in the healing and mind opening power of Tarot. Tarot is self care. Self care is self love. And that’s how I decided to create this Self Love Tarot spread…

creating a sacred tarot space header

Creating a Sacred Tarot Space for Better Readings

When creating a dedicated and sacred space for your Tarot readings, every thing matters. The colours, material, plants, scents, temperature, tight, sounds… Everything should be made to make you feel at peace and spiritually available. The Basics of A Sacred Space Your sacred space is, above all, yours. Do what you want with it and…

understanding past lives with tarot and why it matters

Understanding Past Lives with Tarot (and Why it Matters)

Note: if you don’t believe in past lives, this post is not going to try to change your mind. But if you feel connected to things, places or knowledge beyond your current experience, then you may see why understanding your past lives matters and how Tarot can help.  We (almost) Start Fresh Here The way…

what to do next tarot tutorial

What to Do Next Tarot Tutorial

I recently had some personal challenges to deal with which have seriously impacted my approach to Tarot. Some things had gotten so difficult that I was afraid of getting any negative answer or warning of any kind when reading my cards. It would have been too much to take. So I stopped turning to the…

New Tarot Decks 2019

New Tarot Decks for 2019

It is time to have a look at the new Tarot Decks 2019 will bring us. I am always excited to discover and share what artists and publishers have been working on to keep our collections growing. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you know of a wonderful deck we should put on our…

Tarot Free Will and Fate

Clarifying Tarot, Free Will and Fate

Tarot, Free Will and Fate   It’s an old recurring question: Can we believe in Tarot, Free Will and Fate all at the same time? How can they really co-exist and work together? Should we pick a side and read Tarot for guidance only leaving aside any predictions since free will can alter the future?…