Tarot for Predictions & Guidance

Tarot readings help us feel better by shedding light on any situation. Get answers, guidance and a new sense direction, no matter the question.

Tarot is a powerful prediction tool to help us sense what is most likely to happen next. It does not deny free will and being warned can help us take back control.


Tarot can be used for self help and development purposes. Identify your strength and weaknesses to become a better version of yourself.


Understand the reason of a blockage and get back on track. Tarot is an art and a craft itself and is naturally linked to our own creativity.

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See Clearer, Feel Better

All my online Tarot readings are done with care, love and a lot of dedicated energy. For each spread, the cards are re-energized just for you. By channeling energies through crystals and herbs, I have been able to achieve amazing connections and results.

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Tutorials – Deck Reviews & More

welcoming a new tarot deck or oracle cards

Welcoming a New Tarot Deck into Your Collection

Welcoming a New Tarot Deck to your Collection in 4 Easy Steps I can’t think of many things that are quite as exciting as welcoming a new Tarot deck to my collection. It’s such a special moment. You never know what kind of connection you’re going to feel. Discovering a new deck is rediscovering every…


Use Tarot Cards to Manifest What You Want

Use Tarot Cards to Manifest What You Want

Use Tarot Cards to Manifest What You Want   We all want to manifest things into our lives. Is that compatible at all with Tarot readings? Absolutely! And it gets better: you can use Tarot cards to manifest what you want. How does it work? It really is simple.   Tarot is all about energy.…


5 Simple Tips to Read Tarot

5 Simple Tips to Read Tarot Cards (updated post)

5 Simple Tips to Read Tarot   Here are 5 Simple Tips to Read Tarot cards whether you’re a total newbie or brushing up on your skills. Those tips will help you read for yourself or as you practice with friends and family.   1- PREPARE YOUR READING ENVIRONMENT You will find it easier to…


Happy New Year from Lou

Happy New Year! Wherever you are, whoever you are, no matter how blessed or challenging 2019 has been (or both?), here’s to a joyful 2020. And what better time than a brand new year for a Tarot reading? Also, time for a very personal message from me.   From the bottom of my heart, I…


Tarot Free Will and Fate

Clarifying Tarot, Free Will and Fate

Tarot, Free Will and Fate   It’s an old recurring question: Can we believe in Tarot, Free Will and Fate all at the same time? How can they really co-exist and work together? Should we pick a side and read Tarot for guidance only leaving aside any predictions since free will can alter the future?…


Walking Dead Tarot Spread

The Walking Dead Tarot Spread – 2 Halloween Tutorials

The Walking Dead Tarot Spread 2 Original Tarot Spreads for your Halloween Tarot Night I have to admit, I’m pretty darn happy with my Halloween special this year. I wanted something more than black cats and witches. Don’t get me wrong. I love black cats and witches. And pumpkins! But I wanted to try something…


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