Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. And probably the most complicated one too. That’s why sometimes we need answers and clarifications when it gets a little too much. From a very specific question to general guidance, Tarot can be a wonderful ally in your love life.

A Tarot reading for love can help:

  • answer specific questions (such as: Is he honest with me? Will he come back? Will he get in touch? etc.)
  • understand the root of a problem
  • improve communication
  • shed a more objective light on a situation
  • have a general overview of your love life and destiny

I am used to answer to the most common and the most unusual love related questions with classic and tailored Tarot spreads.

Based on your specific situation, I will use the best spreads to answer your questions and pass on the guidance and wisdom from the cards to help you find peace of mind and hope in your love life.

TAROT FOR LOVE - Find the Best Reading for You

The email Tarot reading is the most common session booked. It can be totally tailored based on your situation and includes 3 specific questions.

This reading can be entirely focused on your love life. In this case, I will make up to 5 spreads designed to answer love related questions with precision.

Feel free to contact me before your book your reading and ask any question you may have to choose the best option for your situation and ensure you’ll have the answers you need.

The Love Path is a general reading that sheds light on your love life.

It is not meant to look at one relationship only or one single question. But rather at the path you’ll walk in matters of love in key phases of your life. This reading looks at your past, present and future love life. We will look at the foundations, obstacles and learnings that influence your behaviour, where you currently stand and where you’re heading to.

Feel free to get in touch before your book your Love Path to make sure this reading is right for you.

You only have one question? Then this reading is for you. For the burning question that needs a quick answer, this is your go-to reading. Due to the simple nature of the spreads, I will often get back to you within the same day.

Most common questions include:

  • is he being honest with about feelings?
  • is he cheating on me?
  • will he come back to me?
  • will we stay together?
  • will I find someone soon?

No matter the question, the cards will have an answer and precious guidance for you.