The Dance of Happiness


Find your true happiness with this crystal clear spread. Let the fairies light the way and tell you who works with or against you, what are your key strengths and skills to find real happiness. Discover what your personal happiness will look like and how to achieve it.

You’ll be amazed at the clarity and depth of the answers this Tarot spread provides.

Get your Dance of Happiness Spread results including a picture of your cards today. All readings are done carefully and personally. Nothing is automated.


The Dance of Happiness: A Tarot Reading where fairies lead the dance.

Are you on the pursuit of happiness? Then let the Victorian fairies guide you in the right direction. The Dance of Happiness is a very deep 8 cards spread. It reveals what stands in the way of your true happiness, what your unique skills are, who works with or against you and finally, what your happiness will actually look like.

This is one of the clearest Tarot spreads to answer many important questions. It will help you find your strengths to live a happier life in harmony with your true self.

The Dance of Happiness can be done each time an important page of your life starts or ends. If you need guidance in general and discover your best skills to achieve your goals, then this spread is perfect for you.