Animal Totem Tarot Oracle


Channel your own inner energies and follow the advices of the animals to feel better and improve your daily life.


Your animal totem tarot oracle is made of several spreads designed by yours truly to help you connect with your deeper self and the animal kingdom.


I will do a full reading for you using the wonderful Animal Totem Tarot deck.

Together with the help of the cards we will explore the energies around you and see how they affect your well being.


This reading is designed for those seeking self-help and guidance.

It can be done in a period of confusion and questioning or simply any time you feel open to receive these precious advices.



This unique oracle will send you direct advices to implement in your life immediately. Improve your general situation in love, at work as well as your overall well being with this in-depth guidance session.



The aim of this reading is to focus on the energies you need to channel, focus on and maybe let go of.

It will help you focus on the aspects of your life that need attention and connect with your deeper self, the one below the surface that connects you to the wild and the animal kingdom.



This oracle focuses on:
  • your energies
  • the energies around you
  • the advices the animal kingdom sends you at this time
  • the warnings the animal kingdom sends you at this time
  • the opportunities you should look out for
  • how to feel better in your skin
  • how to improve your general well-being



You will receive a 6-8 pages PDF report within 1-5 days after ordering this reading.

Your report will include pictures of your spreads as well as an in-depth interpretation of your session.





After you’ve placed your order, I will contact you using the email you provided at checkout and ask you a few simple questions (your star sign, location) to get the best out of your reading.


If you have any question prior to ordering, don’t hesitate to contact me.

It can be beneficial to do this for each season or when you feel the winds of change (or confusion) in your life.


If you would like more information on how a session works, I encourage you to read the FAQ here.


Lou is a great reader
I know where to focus my energy now

I booked this reading because I wasnt sure what was right for me. I had so many questions. Lou offered to do this reading and she was right. I know where to focus my energy now and how to continue so I can find my way. I will probably book a bigger reading in the future too because it can help a lot. Lou is a great reader and she was so kind to take the time and explain everything to me before I booked I am very grateful for this meeting

I am so amazed
right on in every aspect of my life

Wow!! I am so amazed on all my readings I’ve personally had done by Louise. I did 6 different readings she offers and everyone I was blow away on how precise she was. I also had her do a couple for others and they where very pleased and satisfied as well. I am from the States in California and amazed how right on in every aspect of my life. The advice and guidance from the cards is amazing and in many cases giving me a direction in which way to go in my life/world. Thank you Louise. I very much appreciate you. You will be hearing from me so. A million thanks. Ernestina


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