Walking Dead Tarot Spread

The Walking Dead Tarot Spread – 2 Halloween Tutorials

The Walking Dead Tarot Spread 2 Original Tarot Spreads for your Halloween Tarot Night I have to admit, I’m pretty darn happy with my Halloween special this year. I wanted something more than black cats and witches. Don’t get me wrong. I love black cats and witches. And pumpkins! But I wanted to try something…


What is Tarot?

Marseille Tarot. Boring or Indispensable?

Marseille Tarot. Boring or Indispensable?   In the last couple of years, I couldn’t help but notice that the Marseille Tarot seems to be less and less popular in the English speaking Tarot community. I have read online that the Marseille Tarot was “boring as heck”. Some call it “rigid”. I’ve seen that on amazon reviews…


tarot cards for pregnancy

Tarot Cards Announcing a Pregnancy

It’s a question that many of my female sitters have. Often at the end of a reading: Are children in the cards for me? To answer this question you’ll want to look out for specific tarot cards announcing pregnancy. In the near or far away future.   Here are some cards that are straight up…



See Clearer, Feel Better

My motto is simple: See Clearer, Feel Better!

A Tarot reading is a great way to get an insightful answer to your question. No matter the topic: love, work, finances or family. Just get in touch to find the best reading to help you find peace of mind.

I have been reading Tarot for more than 12 years. At a very young age, I learned to trust and respect the cards. I use them to help people find the answers they need. For me, Tarot is much more than a prediction tool. It’s a friend and a precious every day ally.

  • Tailored Readings for your Needs
  • Personal and Friendly Communication
  • Nothing is Automated
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Discover the Power of Tarot


We all feel a little lost sometimes, disconnected and in need of advice. Tarot readings can help by shedding new light on a situation. The cards offer generous insights and advices. Sometimes warnings. They are an ally that offers way more than predictions for the future. They help you reconnect, focus and move forward by guiding your next steps.


Tarot is one of the oldest fortune telling tools in the Western world. For centuries, people have been using and trusting the cards to foresee the future. Tarot is a powerful prediction tool that helps us sense what will happen. But if fate can’t be changed, we remain in charge of our destiny. Tarot does not deny your free will.


It is a less known aspect of Tarot and yet a very effective one: coaching. Tarot can be used for self help and development purposes. What am I holding on to? What should I let go of? How can I become a better version of myself, be more successful, more confident? Tarot can show you the way.


Tarot can help you find inspiration. Many artists and creative minds turn to me for their art, creation or even studies. Inspiration is a mysterious process that sometimes gets stuck. Understand the reason of a blockage and get back on track when you’re feeling lost, floating or frustrated. Tarot is an art and a craft itself and is closely linked to our own creativity.


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All my online Tarot readings are done with care, love and a lot of dedicated energy. For each spread, the cards are re-energized just for you. By channeling energies through crystals and herbs, I have been able to achieve amazing connections and results.


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